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Findings And Recommendations About Green Banking

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Policy related green saving money rules like green managing an account arrangement, green saving money unit, and green keeping money rules are existing in all banks.

None of banks are announcing green keeping money exercises in standard configuration.

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Green keeping money execution does not rely upon budgetary execution of a bank.

Green saving money execution thoroughly relies upon the ability and moral and social capable mindset of banks administration.

Stated possessed banks execution is lower than different banks.

here is a sharp Change in green keeping money hones in BD.


  • Banks ought to guarantee fund in ventures those are condition neighborly or moral in nature. Speculation ought to be expanded for ventures introducing sun powered vitality plant, bio-gas, bio-compost plants, Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Hybrid Hoffman Kiln ventures.
  • Banks ought to put resources into an undertaking in the wake of surveying its natural or atmosphere hazard. Speculation should just be given in the wake of being evaluated the ecological dangers of specific task. Banks ought to present new condition agreeable items, for example, Green Home Loan, Green Car Loan and others in such manner.
  • Deposits of customers are the primary wellsprings of capital for the banks. To gather cash from the customers, banks give diverse store administrations. The greater part of the store items ought to be made condition neighborly and ought to be brought under on-line administration.
  • Uses of papers empower leveling of plants and lead the earth to annihilation. Thinking about the natural hazard, banks ought to limit the utilization of papers generally present the utilization of eco-accommodating papers. They should stop superfluous printing and utilize both side of papers and eco-text styles while printing.
  • Banks should begin E-enlistment framework and give compensation and reward to representative through on-line framework. Likewise banks should prepare their representatives as condition authorities and welfare specialist alongside making them talented financiers.
  • Banks can assume immediate or backhanded parts in fighting catastrophic events. After such differing circumstance banks can give money related backings, helps and premium free credits and so on to help the sufferers to make due in the more up to date condition.
  • Banks ought to organize a few workshop and symposiums to make their customers cognizant viewing Green Banking and in addition to present their Green Products and administrations in that. This can inevitably make the customers adjusted to the Green Banking exercises.


Bangladesh is a standout amongst the most environmental change defenseless nations on the planet. As banks in a roundabout way add to ecological contamination through putting resources into various toxin ventures, we have to make strides against all the wrong doing. Bangladesh Bank which has the legitimate capacity to shape the conduct of the banks, it should drive every one of the banks to actualize green managing an account approach to check its own natural contamination, offering credits to earth neighborly tasks and lessening interest in ecologically unsafe undertakings. Government ought to likewise support the general individuals about the green managing an account rehearses. The national bank ought to likewise screen business banks whether they are rehearsing green keeping money or not. Therefore green keeping money can assume a huge part in actualizing the more extensive idea of reasonable financial advancement.


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