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Fireproof: Movie Review about Love

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Fireproof a very popular and loveable film was produced in the year 2008 and on its production it touched on the lives of many viewers while also gripping the hearts of millions of viewers mostly because of ways in which it related to their real lives in the context of marriage. Fireproof made viewers critically evaluate their marriage state and also assess whether or not it was necessary for them to have their own fireproof. The movie is centered around the theme of marriage whereby it focused on a particular married couple that had been married for seven years and all through the marriage had survived through divine help from God and how they were placed within the marriage.

The names of married couple were Caleb Holt and Catherine Holt and Caleb worked as a firefighter while Catherine worked as a nurse (Fireproof, 2008). Their marriage was faced with several issues most of them arising from Caleb’s weakness and traits whereby Caleb was faced constantly with the struggle of respecting his relationship, while also having a severe addiction to pornography. Caleb also did not allow God to guide and sustain his marriage or even lead and control his personal life in and out of marriage. The weaknesses of Caleb very significantly led to his wife Catherine not to submit to him or even respect him as her husband in very many aspects.

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Caleb’s father comes on in the movie to positively impact the life of Caleb by introducing to him a book titled “The Love Dare”. The Love Dare is a forty-day challenge aimed at married couples experiencing difficulties in their marriage.

Caleb’s father had realized the challenges that Caleb’s family faced and determined to help them get through it, Caleb’s dad challenged him to practice the challenge in his own marriage to see whether it could take a positive turn. He went ahead to tell Caleb that whatever thing he dedicated his time or money into would end up to become the thing he cared about the most” (Fireproof, 2008). What Caleb’s father really meant was that if and when Caleb placed his time and money into completing the challenges that the book posed to him as to how he ought to treat his wife daily, he would there after manage to change his love towards Catherine thus, in turn, changing the condition of their marriage. The Love Dare book falls into context with the bible in the book of Ephesians, where God advices or requires husbands to treat their wives out of love. Ephesians 5:25 reads that Husbands should love their wives, just in the same way as Jesus Christ also loved the church, (The New American Standard Bible, 1998).

In a particular scene in the movie, Caleb is seen as having been impacted by the book to the extent that he became fed up of pornography addiction and becoming receptive of the Holy Spirit who went ahead to get a hold of his heat causing him to trash his computer. Caleb also went ahead to replace the computer with flowers and a card addressed to Catherine on the computer desk saying he loved her more (Fireproof, 2008). Before the life changing moments, Caleb had prior become obsessed with his habits for quite a long to extent that his addictions mattered more than his marriage and his love towards his wife. Caleb for a long time had remained selfish by placing his needs and wants before his partner and love of his life.

Catherine at the time was in need of a hospital bed for her sickly mother to lay on in their house but instead of Caleb helping Catherine with money, Caleb was very busy saving money for the purchase a boat without considering the need of his wife Catherine. In very many ways this seemed very selfish and uncaring even more inconsiderate. In the movie’s scene Caleb is seen speaking with dad asking him how he was supposed to love someone that constantly rejects him, through the challenge, Caleb then realizes that even Jesus Christ went through the same experience while at the and what he was going through was primarily because of his own actions. The book challenge causes Caleb to change his life and turn to God allowing Him to lead his life and work through him. Caleb being a firefighter had learnt to be persistent and available always and with this knowledge he used to assure Catherine that he would always be by her side. Caleb in a particular scene is seen telling Catherine that just as a firefighter is not allowed to leave his or her partner in a fire he would never leave Catherine’s side (Fireproof, 2008). Without a doubt, by Caleb placing God in His rightful place in his personal life and marriage life it provided a platform for change and a chance for God to work in his life.

In conclusion, the movie serves as a strong tool in strengthening marriage ties and saving rocky relationships through enhancing self-realization, self-discovery and reminding individuals on the importance of respect and love for their spouses. By being a light in dark world in the context of an individual’s life and marriage partners can survive the troubles of any marriage. The movie teaches that placing God at the forefront of their marriage causes the formation of a triangle whereby God is at the top of the pyramid while the wife and the husband forms the other corners to create a stable and loving marriage. It also reminds us that common people often struggle with the desires of the flesh, and love is all people require getting through relationships.


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