Followership and Servant Leadership and Success as Growing Yourself

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‘Before you are a Leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a Leader, success is all about growing others.’ – Jack Welch. The purpose of this essay is to show what my role as a Leader is, and that in all organizations, such as the Army, Followership and Servant Leadership are roles observed inversely, however reflect upon each other to make a team coherent. Followership has numerous characteristics that include being proactive or owning the territory, which is my role as a Leader to serve my soldiers, however those who set back or do not meet the standard in the organization are the ones who can break the team. The ability to get others to follow is my Leadership role. Jack Welch believes working hard consistently leads to success, and if you want your team to put in the effort you must lead by example.

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In all working parties there is a group of individuals ready to cooperate towards an accomplishment, which creates the Followership and is why my role as a Leader is important. In all organizations there is two types of passive and active followers by being reliable or unreliable when asked to perform a task or mission, starting with the types of passive followers. The sheep, who do not share to the team and are like robots; While alienated followers, are quiet and don’t present many ideas if they have one and struggle with tasks given. Active presents different types of Followership, the effective follower and the yes people. The yes people are uncritical thinkers they are ones who say they will complete the mission and won’t perform the task they had agreed upon and is where I come in to lead them. An effective follower is a critical thinker who helps others and performs with actions, this is what I as a Leader strives to serve to make a strong team.

As a servant Leader I must have a natural feeling to want to serve and care for the needs of my followers first. There’s ten characteristics such as listening, healing, having empathy, awareness, and persuasion, the strongest for serving an effective follower. The other characteristics are conceptualism, foresight, stewardship, commitment to the growth of people, and building communities which focus on serving my Soldiers. For I to be a servant Leader, I must serve my followers to builds trust and makes an efficient team lethal. Overall the aim is that power should not be a factor to make people follow, however having authority encourages the welfare, comfort and reliance of others. As a result, without one the other does not exist, there’s no Leader without followers and no followers without being a servant Leader.

How do Followership and my role as a Servant Leader compare? They both are a linked concepts, you must be good at one so you are good at the other. Servant Leadership is like a reciprocal, when all participants benefit, meaning they are positive for both the Leaders and followers. Being a Servant Leader making decision such as helping new subordinates can be difficult, however the bond makes the team proficient, and organized. When all seek to lead there’s no followers, when all seek to follow there’s no Leaders, and is why my position is important to me. Although they compare to each other they in terms benefit; Alexander the Great is one name remembered there had been 100,000 soldiers who had followed. He was a Leader that had soldiers who had been willing to follow by serving his army, and in return gained their trust to accomplish the goal and is what I strive in my position to be.

In conclusion, that in an organization such as the Army, Followership and Leadership are roles observed inversely, however reflect upon each other to make a team disciplined and effective. Though there’s many ways to contrast these roles the essential focus was to highlight the importance on why the role of a Leader is of great importance to me. In addition to comparing Servant Leadership and Followership, they do not function without one another, however do benefit from each other. Only the actions of followers determine the success of a Leader for what is the responsibility I want and worked hard to gain the position I am currently in, The success of this organization is more the result of good Followership and great Servant Leadership which is why I strive to perform all tasks given to standard.    

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