Followership Vs Servant Leadership: Comparison and Analysis

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Followership vs servant leadership BLC essay gives briefly This essay will compare and contrast followership and servant leadership. Although both topics are different, neither can be comprehended without understanding the other. In life, there have to be followers for there to be leaders in any organization.

Followership involves Soldiers that look for commands, guidance, and leadership. A follower needs to be willing to follow a leader. These individuals are important in that without followers there are no leaders. However, they will in turn provide unbiased advice. It is up to Soldiers' discretion to give feedback and have situational awareness to know the proper time to give their opinions. General Robert E. Lee was a successful leader because he followed four major guiding principles. The first principle is keeping superiors well-informed of what you have done, what you are doing, and what you plan to do. The second principle is regardless of how you feel about your superiors, display respect for their positions. The third principle is to avoid petty quarrels with your superiors in which you may be right, but your reputation will suffer. The fourth is to understand your competitive advantage as precisely as possible, not only to avoid the double edge sword of overconfidence and over cautiousness, but to keep the confidence of your leaders when analyzing critical missions. Soldiers striving for a military career would benefit from living by these principles.

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Servant leadership includes Soldiers who 'Leads by example'. Soldiers, who become leaders, lead using the Army values and never place their needs first. Leaders push followers to strive for success in whatever their goals may be. Good servant leadership also includes 'Admitting to mistakes'.

Individuals in followership and those assuming servant leadership roles follow the same values they pledged under oath. They strive for the betterment of the Army with the success of the Mission on their mind. All involved also place themselves at the same risk of danger for their beliefs. Sacrificing their time with family and friends once they are deployed or it's drill weekend.

In summary, we compared and contrast followership and servant leadership. Those in the followership category are willing to follow a leader, commands, and guidance when given. Servant leadership defines those willing to sacrifice their needs for others. They adhere to the Army values at all times while leading. Pushing their Soldiers to success is a goal they strive to achieve. Those in both categories live by the Army values. Both categories place themselves at the same risk for the sake of their country. Followership and servant leadership work well together and one cannot exist without the other.


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