Food as an Important Part of a Culture

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People cook with food every day and it has been a part of life since the beginning of civilization. Food is not only a necessity to satisfy the basic needs of people, but food also is an important part of a culture and it can tell us about culture. It is like people will eat dumplings during Chinese New Year, or people will eat turkey at Christmas. These special foods may give you sweet memories, but sometimes it gives you sadness. As I am an international student and far from hometown, these special foods make me miss my hometown more.

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New year’s day is a very important day for people everywhere. In China, it does not only represent people’s expectations for the new year but also represents family reunion. On this day, people will return to their parents and everyone will eat together and celebrate the new year. The window is decorated with red papercuts. Firecrackers and fireworks are everywhere outside the window. The table is full of delicious foods, such as steamed fish with sweet sauce, sweet and sour radish with braised pork, etc. Although the dumplings are the most simple food of these dishes, it is an indispensable part. The family members sit together, the older encourage their children to work hard in the new year and everyone is happy, but I can only be alone at home eating dumplings and sending a letter to my parents wishing them have good health. For those people who are working far away from home, the New year’s day is always sad, because they cannot reunite with their families and cannot eat the meals they make. Only dumplings can make them feel the hometown taste.

The days I study in Canada feel like how Li-Young Lee described in his poem “Persimmons”, “heavy with sadness, and sweet with love”. As a special Asian fruit, persimmon represents the author’s culture. He described it is heavy with sadness because when he goes to the United States, the new culture and language brought him difficulties, but there is also sweetness with it. Just like I have been studying in Canada for 4 years. Get rid of parents spoiling and living alone in a strange environment. The loneliness of living alone and the sadness of missing my hometown always accompany me, but it also taught me to live independently. Just like this poem, a person’s growth is always accompanied by sadness and love. Eating dumpling is the best way to let me remember my hometown. The cooked dumplings are crystal clear, white skin wraps juicy meat filling. People do not need any seasonings to eat this delicious traditional Chinese food. Dumplings are so simple and special that it does not change tastes because of changing the place. It will not change the taste and cooking methods because of Canadian taste and flavor preferences.

It is important to remember that each food has a special place in culture and people. For me, dumpling is the most special food in my life. Everyone has favorite foods. Sometimes it may just be delicious, but sometimes it has meanings that others don’t know. No matter how many kinds of food you like, there is always a food that will make you think of hometown taste and this food you will never forget.

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