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Food in Thailand

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Talking about Thailand, other than known to be the shopping paradise due to items with reasonable and even cheaper price, it is also famous with its food. DELICIOUSSSSS! The typical one is TOMYAM of course which is always my favourite. Must-eat food. The most impressive one is this, JIANG JIANG, LOBSTER TOMYAM SOUP!! The shop is located hiddenly in a street. However, a lot of tourists are attracted to be here due to the advertisement through FB. This big bowl costs 900++ baht but I think worth for it as the taste of the soup is unique, spicy & sour, you would definitely go for second bowl if many people share it. On the other hand, tomyam soup with coconut pulp is another special combination for me. Followed with the street food- mango rice and papaya salad.

Occasionally, we found this shop selling mango rice which we found the fruit to be so fresh and tasty, and thus, the price will for sure higher than the normal market price. In my view, papaya salad is considered as a dishes resembles durian in which some people would love it much but some wouldn’t. After taking my first taste on it, I gave up immediately as it did not suit my taste. 3 out of 5 people for my gang also voted for DISLIKE HAHAHA Perhaps, we chose the papaya salad from wrong stall? Who knows~ Thailand economy rice is always my favourite no matter where am I, in my country or Thailand. I will always go for that spicy minced pork dish as the spicy level exactly fulfils what I expect, even I would always ‘hiss’ after finish my meal. Hiak hiak! Of couse, cannot miss out that sausage with different flavours like bbq, spicy, tomyam which I highly recommend for you.

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Dessert would always come after main dish right? I have tried with different flavour of ice-cream as well. For the first one, that PINKY ice cream as shown in the picture, is the one which I went for it without any hesitation after first sight. That is the ice cream I found in Thailand McD! Definitely I would go for it! As there are always vanilla and chocotop found in McD of my country haahaa. Just out of curiosity, that bright pinky colour really caught my attention. Well~ though its taste is normal, sweet. Another one is the green tea black sesame ice cream which I love it much as green tea and black sesame are always my favourite flavour. These combination is great, like killing two birds with one stone, I could taste them in one shot. For Mo & Moshi, it is famous of its big size SUNDAE icecream with many scoops of ice cream in a big bowl, getting info of this shop through FB as well. It is sad to say that there were only five of us in a gang so we could not take that challenge so we just ordered the smallest size.


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