Email Promotion: a Key to the Successful Marketing of Food Truck Business

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As we all know, companies that send too many emails are automatically delegated to our spam folders – which make the emails pointless. And now that you’re the owner of a food truck business, you may instinctively assume that email marketing is fruitless and costly for businesses to use. However, this isn’t the case when you perfect your marketing message and time your emails appropriately. During our time as catering truck connoisseurs, we’ve realized that there are two types of marketing emails that are beneficial for small mobile food vendors to send out.

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These types of emails keep the customers coming back, and they work to get new customers to visit the food truck when these emails are forwarded to friends and family members of the original recipients. Emails containing special promotions and discounts. Every customer and email recipient loves hearing about special discounts and promotions. And unlike other industries, the food business is something that consumers must contemplate daily. You’re not in the airline business, do you don’t have to worry about whether or not your email list has the vacation time to fly anywhere that month – instead, you’re biggest worry is whether or not your customer base packed a lunch or forgot.

The best part about sending out emails with promotions and deals to existing customers is the potential for your loyal customers to share these deals with other friends, even if they can’t use the deals themselves. This opens up the possibility for new customers to subscribe to your email list or visit your mobile food stand on a whim. Emails that contain newsletters and updates. Set a time period that you think is appropriate to update your valued food trailer’s customers with news and updates from your team. These updates may contain information about the local events you participated in during that period, causes you’re looking to raise money for, special announcements about upcoming events and local charities, testimonials from new and loyal customers, and you can even feature a story about your customer of the month.

These newsletters present a great opportunity for your food trailer to remind customers to follow your food truck business on Facebook and Twitter, and any other social media platforms you may have. Remember, when developing your email marketing strategy it’s absolutely necessary to keep two things at the forefront of your mind: the email’s content and its timed release/frequency. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your subscribers, which will lead to them either unsubscribing or redirecting all emails from your address to the spam folder. And you also should ensure that you’re providing your readers with valuable content that can help to improve or enhance their lives. Don’t just include content to fill an email; there’s no faster way to show you don’t care about your readers’ interests.

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