Food Waste is a Massive Problem

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Food Waste Is a Massive Problem

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  • Introduction
  • Food Waste Immorality
  • Environmental Problems
  • Solution of Food Waste problem


Food waste is a food, which is discarded or remains uneaten and throw away without consumption of living creatures. Hunger is one of the most crucial challenges in the world right now while food, which is producing is more than enough. Food wastage starts from first step and that is "production" means from where food is prepared wastage gets started almost 18-20% of food wastages' are from farms where the packing and transportation of food occurs. According to FAO almost one third of the food, producing is wasted before use and the wasted food is worth more than $1 trillion.

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Food Waste Immorality

Every ninth person of the earth is suffering from hunger and 750 million peoples remains hungry every night. Therefore, if we waste food in this world where people are striving then it will be the peak of immorality because if we waste some food then somewhere in this world would suffer from hunger.

As mention by the action institute "Food waste is presented in moral terms," writes Laudan. "It's bad, even a sin, to waste food. This is a terrible way to frame the issue."

And, the consequences will be worse in future, if we keep on wasting food.

Environmental Problems

Food waste is also major cause of Environmental problems like climate change, global warming etc .The food which has been wasted end up in landfills and in that landfills methane gas produced to high pressure under the surface. Methane is a more powerful green house than carbon dioxide and these gases end up the cause of global warming and climate change through which whole earth planet is suffering in addition to that food wastage is also indirectly wastage of natural water resources because water which is used to grow that food which has been wasted at the end is also get wasted. It is estimated that if you waste 1 kg of beef, it means you are wasting 45000 liter of water because to produce that 1 kg beef costs 45000 liter of water.

Solution of Food Waste problem

To cop with this severe problem we have to look into different processing step like from food production i-e farmers to supermarkets to consumers. For that purpose, First step should be balancing supply with demand of food so that we can save our natural resources that has been wasted in terms of food wastage. Next is to improve the storing and transporting sector of food to supermarkets and consumers in this packing and harvesting of food should be improved so that we can save more and more food. Third step is to guide and educate the people about consequences of food wastage and also large restaurants keep check and balance on food wastage there should be discounts for customers, which do not waste food in restaurants. In the last if after executing these steps if still some gets waste then that food should be utilized for the feed of livestock.

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