Football Players Are Paid Too Much Money

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Should football players be earning the wages they earn? It is argued that the salaries football players can earn are immensely high therefore being able to live the extravagant and luxurious lifestyles they have earned in this career. Should footballers be earning the amount of money they earn per year? One side of the argument to explore is if they are vastly overpaid for the work, they provide for their football club therefore becoming outrageously wealthy for the rest of their life. We also have to reconsider the other side of the argument where the player has to dedicate their whole life to the sport and work extremely hard every day to retain the skill, they have to produce therefore being paid millions if you are a top flight player. Another view to consider is anyone can work in smaller jobs, but can anyone play the sport just like Ronaldo or Messi does? I strongly believe that some football players are tremendously overrated for their career but still are able to earn lots of money in a short period of time. Its amazingly awful.

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Continuing this line of argument, football is regarded as one of the most popular sports in the world, right? The writer, Sean Ingle, writing on this topic in the Guardian (25/11/2018) has written that Barcelona Football Club has become the first team to average about £10 million pounds in wages for their players. Furthermore, TV channels like Sky and BT Sport earn billions economically each year, which then goes into the football industry each year that raises the value and market price of the industry. Surely you must realize now that football is a serious industry, regardless of just playing the sport casually or professionally. Recent research carried out by BBC Sport (27/11/2017) has shown that the average weekly wage for a premier league player is an astonishing £50,000 a week! This amount averages out to £2,400,000 per year. You and I must agree that there should be a salary cap to ensure most players should be earning roughly the same money and a limit on how much they can be paid. The average UK salary for a full-time worker is about £35,000 as stated by the “Average UK 2019 Salary”. In spite of this the point of footballers being overpaid drastically shows that a premier league football player earns the average full-time UK salary in just one week! It is an unfair society. Those who think that these types of severe shocking salaries are suitable, they are incorrect. They must be changed.

In further support of this argument what is the point of the players earning this much money? The problem is the demand for top footballers is massive therefore the more money football clubs can make this suggests more they can spend on bringing in the best players to help them to success. I don’t agree on this matter as the more money the club is willing to spend the better it would become if the player does well. Football is everywhere, football is important, football is life. People like you and me are the fans of the sport and play a big part economically to the sport by either watching on TV or going to the matches invests into the industry also. You know this needs to end.

What’s more is that making it into professional football is hard, unquestionably difficult but how do they make it to the top flight also? An article by Claudia Romeo, explaining this matter in Business Insider (29/6/2017) has a statistic of “out of all the boys who enter an academy at the age of 9, less than half of 1% make it. Or make a living from the game either”. Most teenagers aspiring to be a footballer would leave their education and school behind to chase their dreams for then to be rejected from making it past youth level of the sport. They can suffer from mental health issues from being rejected at such a young age. These boys would now have nothing, as they have left school, they wouldn’t have obtained any qualifications or degrees for a job if football didn’t turn out. In my opinion that isn't right at all and you know that isn't right as well.

Is there a dilemma in this industry when these people can earn millions but there are people in the world dying of hunger? It is utterly ridiculous that still these footballer’s wages can and will set them up for life and don’t need to worry about anything money related, but on the other hand there are many global issues going on in the world such as poverty and starvation in poorer areas of the world. It’s a massive problem when I believe that there shouldn’t be any poverty and starvation in the world because of how superior these businesses are becoming extremely quickly. Would you want a life of poverty and lack of sufficient food?

To counter my view, you could imply that the top football players are the best at what they do and deserve to be paid millions upon millions per year, shouldn’t they? Additionally, for this point of view footballer’s careers only last a short period of time and usually retire during their 30s or maybe even younger if they sustain a very bad injury that would make them not able to play anymore. However, for my point of view how can someone that plays football for a living is able to earn more money than let's say a doctor that has to study medicine for roughly 9 years. If you know something is wrong then you need to make it right. It's unfair, unrealistic and unstable. Together we can make a difference.

Having reviewed both sides of the argument I think that something has to be changed drastically with the wages these football players earn as it isn’t fair for the top players to earn such immense wages when comparing to the average UK wages that people can earn. I believe that football players salaries should be lowered and spread evenly across all football players enduring this career. Something has to happen, something isn't right, something must change.

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