Forbidden Love of Romeo and Juliet

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Love is the intense emotion and affection one feels for another. It can be associated with different types of situations, such as romantic relationships, family relationships, and friendship. It unites people and creates stronger bonds. William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet emphasizes the idea that love is not identified with perfection and complete happiness, but with hardships and sadness as well. The universality of fate and destiny acts as an important role for everyone, including in love. Fate greatly contributes by helping shape each individual’s lives, although one may inevitably choose their own destiny and paths, in hopes of changing their established fate. Life does not offer a straightforward path with definite success, but does offer various chances and a series of obstacles in which one may experience failure due to making the wrong decisions. From the series of obstacles, bad luck or fortune may also have an effect. One of the key points Shakespeare focuses on in the play Romeo and Juliet, is how fate and destiny plays a role into individuals lives, taking advantage of chances, and having bad luck and giving a poor response may worsen situations, affecting the characters.

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Individuals were not born in this world without a predetermined life set for them. Without fate, people would be clueless and lost, and lives would not have a course of direction to go in. When individuals choose to overlook their planned fate, they choose their own destiny. At the beginning of the play, Romeo and Juliet had their own separate lives, without knowledge of each other’s existence. Romeo was engrossed with his “love” for a woman named Rosaline, whom he thought was “[Rosaline] is rich in beauty.” Romeo’s infatuation focuses solely on her physical appearance, although in true love, the appearance of the other enhances because the person is profoundly in love. Discussing this topic with Benvolio, Romeo’s feelings insinuated intense emotions, but Mercutio and Benvolio doubted his sincerity. There are people, such as Mercutio, that do not believe in true love itself, but views it as some type of game. Benvolio advices that “by giving liberty unto thine eyes,” as well as to “examine other beauties,” will help Romeo forget about Rosaline. The process of moving on is a difficult task which countless amount of people constantly struggle with, unlike Romeo, who easily moved on. Shakespeare acknowledges that a person can change their fixed fate by making Romeo attempt to move on from Rosaline. Because of their different outlooks on love, in order to convince Romeo that she was merely a sexual desire, Mercutio invited him to attend the Capulet ball with the him, Benvolio, and multiple others. Most cases, people often confuse love with infatuation. Love is a process that progresses slowly where genuine emotions form in a course of time, whereas infatuation is simply a profound, but quickly passing, emotion that develops for someone. Romeo particularly seemed to be in love with Rosaline’s uttermost beauty, claiming “that, when she dies, with beauty dies her store.”; not truly with her. Being truly in love with someone should not focus on a person’s physical appearance but what’s deeper within. Despite that, his pursuit of moving on from her showed the progress of his willingness to change his established fate, which was to be in love with Rosaline. Love is a beautiful chance given to individuals and should be cherished, and not abused.

Acknowledging that life provides each individual several chances, which could be used for greater opportunities, and its purpose should be valued. By letting go of these, one cannot promise that another chance will be given out easily, again. If these opportunities are obtained, an individual may benefit and perhaps gain from them. Supposing that Romeo declined the invitation to the ball, his meeting with Juliet would not have occurred. Romeo agreed to attend the ball, in hopes of seeing Rosaline once again. It did not occur to him that he would find other women that would break his love for Rosaline, but in a turn of events, he saw Juliet, claiming; “Did [Romeo’s] heart love till now? Forswear it, sight. For [he] never saw true beauty till this night.” In a matter of seconds, Romeo falls in love and instantly forgets about Rosaline. Seeing Juliet from afar, Romeo immediately developed interest. Chances are a valuable gift that may be given and should be taken because missing out on greater opportunities causes immense regret. If Romeo did not attend the ball, he would not have met his greatest love. Shakespeare develops the idea that one should take advantage of the chance they were given, perhaps to see a better result, instead of letting the it pass. Many vast opportunities can be readily made available, although complications serve constant worries.

Situations are not always forgiving, and often gives unavoidable restrictions. Many individuals are not always the luckiest; being given bad fortunes. Although Romeo and Juliet were destined together, they knew their love from beginning would be forbidden. Juliet says, “Prodigious birth of love it is to [her] that [she] must love a loathed enemy.” Due to both of their families never-ending feud, their relationship would be unaccepted by any means; however, their feelings that already developed for each other cannot easily be stopped. Nevertheless, their approach to the situation by deciding to have a secret marriage further worsened it and should have had more thought put into it. Often, being pressured to make a decision in a limited amount of time can lead to rash decisions being made absentmindedly. Because of Capulet’s decision to move the date of the wedding a day earlier, Juliet got into a panicked state, and made decisions recklessly, without thinking of the consequences. There were various warnings that foreshadowed Romeo’s terrible death, such as; “[Romeo] dreamt a dream tonight,” that gave “[his] mind misgives some consequence yet hanging in the stars shall bitterly begin his fearful date with this night’s revels, and expire the term of a despised life closed in [his] breast by some vile forfeit of untimely death.” Furthermore, many obstacles overcome their way, for instance; Romeo being banished from Verona due to his altercation with Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt which also makes the Capulets and Montagues feud worse, as well as Friar John’s report of the letter to Romeo being unable to be delivered, due to him being “in a house where the infectious pestilence did reign,” and because of that, they “sealed up the doors, and would not let us forth.” Unfortunate issues came up which caused the tragedy of their love and ultimately led to both of their deaths. Due to Romeo not receiving the letter, Juliet’s plan of taking the potion went unknown, and led to Romeo’s disbelief of her “death”, which caused him his death as well. Many factors get in the way of one’s life and unfortunately can end tragically.

Recognizing the imperfections that come with love, one can realize that it does not come with simplicity. People generally view relationships as perfection itself, but does not address the negatives that come with it. By experiencing the downsides of love, relationships can strengthen and perhaps create closer bonds. William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet addresses that there are many factors that come into relationships. For instance, an individual’s life is shaped due to fate’s control; however, being willing to create one’s own destiny leads to a more purposeful life, such as rejecting new chances which deprives a person from possibly achieving a greater opportunity, and should wholeheartedly accept it instead. Although, life does not offer easy success, being that certain individuals are not always blessed with great luck, a person’s diligence can defy that. The awareness of the positives and negatives that come into play in all relationships may help achieve a stronger connection.           

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