Force and Friction in Daily Life

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Force is the thing where we put our whole pressure on an object, so to get more clear understanding we can call force in simple words that the force is the push and pull of an object. The daily life force is also known as “Microscopic force”. Without forcing the life and the body of human beings are incomplete. We humans sometimes don’t realize that when we are putting force in any activity, we apply force every time in our movement. Force is very common concept in our life. There is one very common movement where we apply force, and it is walking because when we walk, we put force on our leg to our body forward. There is my own real-life example which is, one time me and my whole class was playing cricket in our PHE lesson and it was my balling chance, and I am very weak at balling, so my team told me that put my full force on the ball and put throw straight ball to the batsman.

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Friction is the force where two force surface contacts each other and create friction. In our days there are plenty of activities and movements where friction is used. There are four types of friction, which are rolling, static, kinetic, sliding. If we mix these four frictions together so there can be many daily life activities. So, let’s know some real-life examples of friction. When we write on paper with the pen the surface of both pen and paper contact with each other and create a friction force. When we mop a ground with a mop and water, we cannot walk on that floor because of the slippery floor we cannot walk, so the surface of both shoes and the ground contact with each other and make less friction.

There is no specific application of force in daily life, in Daily life the force is called the activities where we apply force. So, like this we can identify many applications of force. The farmers who cut crops in their farm so that time also they need to put force in cutting the crops. Let me tell you my own real-life example. One time at my home I was opening the door of my bedroom so it was not opening because it got stuck and it was the time of rainy season, so that time has used my whole force to push that door. 

When we do plunk which is an exercise, that time we put our full force on our hand. So now these were the application of force. Now let’s know the application of friction. The application of friction is that when we rub two things together so it creates some heat in between that. So, for example when we rub two stones together so it creates heat and we light a fire in a bonfire. When we rub our both palms so that time also our hands get warm. So force and friction can be used anytime and anywhere where we cannot understand that we have used force in some particular activity.  

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