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Formal communication is communications that is vetted through channels the institution deems appropriate for the conduct of business. It is one that carries weight as it is recognized by all participants in that institution. Some people who even argue and say that it is as if the person was right there next to you tell you in person. Now we all know this is not true the correspondence could be sent from a distance however; this correspondence could be directive in manner and thus correlates to having the same effect as legally binding.

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Informal communication is how we speak on a day to day with colleges and build rapport. It is a more laxed and discerned way to interact with your counterparts. This although good for day to day activity lacks urgency if you ask me. I tend to stay professional at all times except when I know I am around a certain group of friends. This aspect of communication can be conducted practically anywhere and does not hold you to a strict and rigid way of interacting with your counterparts. In essence formal communication flows along the lines of management and authority. It is not to be taken lightly, for it takes on a form of courteousness as well as appeasement to really portray your message.

Informal communication is sometimes best needed when you are in a bind and require someone close to you who trust and understands you. To assist in a way that is not monetary and, in a way, only someone who you have a really close rapport can provide assistance. Official by the mere context of the word means that it is under the control of an organization, government or corporation. It eludes to being authoritative and having backing from persons in power. Official communication is again authoritative in nature meaning if not done or completed, repercussions can occur.

Unofficial communication is merely a missive. It holds some weight as it is still communication between a sender and a receiver but does not hold the weight of an official communication. It can be received as an explanation, greeting, instruction, report or a multitude of other means, but it is ultimately less restrictive than official communication.

Oral Communication is the process of conveying or receiving messages with the use of spoken words (Surbhi 2015). This is the most common form of communicating between to people. It allows one to apply inflection in the tone of voice to better communicate your interaction. It also allows for one to speed up or slow down the speech content to get a better point across. As opposed to written communication which is the message transmitted in written or printed form. Written form has a uniqueness to it because it holds more value that oral. Written form is something that is tangible is can be past from person to person over one hundred time and will not change in stature or from.

As opposed to using oral from which can change significant by stating something different than what was originally intended simple because someone forgot a world or phrase. This form however, does resonate when up close and personal with someone it holds a personal touch within oneself as you hear inflection and tone of voice. This is something that is often used when dialogue is used in a rapid succession kind of way.

In conclusion all the aforementioned topics we discussed are necessary in the project communications management world. They grant us the ability to intermingle and generate options weather it be for oneself an organization or simply portray and idea. This form of dynamic communication is one of the most important skills to develop. It’s beneficial not only in the workplace but also in virtually every area of your life. It’s important to understand that communication is what builds bridges and connects people in a powerful way. When you’re able to get your point across in an objective manner, others are more likely to open up, see your perspective and negotiate with you. Communication is the key to influencing others and creating powerful teams, relationships and joint forces to achieve successful outcomes 

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