Forrest Gump, the Film: a Simplistic View of Life

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“Life is Like A Box of Chocolates”

In the movie Forrest Gump, Forrest tells his whole life story through his eyes. He deals with some mean people picking on him because he’s different and doesn’t have as high of an IQ as most everyone else his age. His mother always told him that he was no different than anyone else and that nobody was better than him in any way whatsoever. The way he told the story was very different than someone else may have told it because Forrest sees the world so simplistically. He deals with the woman of his dreams refusing to be with him for the longest time because he was different and not quite her “type”, if she even has a type.

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In this movie, he lives through many historical events and meets many famous people from history. He plays football in college and after graduating from college he goes into the military. The drill sergeant thought Forrest was a genius when he answered “I’m here to do whatever you tell me to do” when the sergeant asked him why he was in the military. He saves lieutenant Dan’s life in the war and in the process got shot in the butt. While recovering, his sergeant decided it would be a good idea for him to join the ping pong team instead of going back to war. While Forrest was in the war and on the ping pong team, Jenny, the love of his life, was sleeping around and getting involved with drugs and people in the wrong crowds.

While he was away on his shrimping boat that he promised Bubba he would do, he gets a call saying that his mother was very sick and then he jumped off the boat to swim home to see her and take care of her. When he walked in to see her on her death bed, she said “I was destined to be your momma” and she’s the one who taught him the “life is like a box of chocolates” saying. When she passed, Jenny came to live with him for a little while and after having coidice with him, she got up and ran away. Eventually they live their life together after Forrest found out he was a dad. They got married and lived together until the day Jenny died from a “disease”.

He says earlier on in the movie is “I’m not a smart man but I know what love is.” which is very true because when Jenny dies, he cries at her grave when telling her about all the amazing things their son did. He also cries from missing her. This goes to show that, just because someone may not be the smartest or may not be the most liked, doesn’t mean that their emotions are less than anybody elses.

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