General Characteristic of Four Piece Risc Processor


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The execution of sixty four piece RISC processor has been analyzed using Xilinx Spartan vi development. The organize meets the need of fast, amazingly simplicity and customer set characterize. the learning is gotten from 2 sixty four piece enrolls Associate in Nursing and B. Banner output (rd) might be a memory interface hail. This banner adumbrates the memory space to be scrutinized and learning to be put into the information transport.

The synchronization is done abuse clk hail. characterize of processor has been skilful using 2 administration banners to be particular rd and reset. On the off probability that reset is high, processor won’t play out any errand and keep it up staying out of medications state. On the off probability that reset is low and rd is high information is stacked into enter. reliant on the Opcode from *management unit the processor plays out the action. This sixty four piece RISC processor takes an undertaking at one clock cycle. Clk is that the external clock banner and triggers the learning and prompt the yield. Rd triggers the condition*of registers Associate in Nursing and B.

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Arithmetic and steady unit is a confused circuit that performs assortment juggling and insightful undertakings. The anticipated arrangement performs genuine limits and calculating limits. The legitimate assignments to be dead are AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR and NOT though keen exercises are performed Addition and Subtraction. ALU can get heading bits from administration unit and can execute the coveted assignment. for instance, if commitment to manage unit is 0000, the decoded bits will be 64-bit information and past acceptive the administer bits from the decoder AND assignment is performed by ALU as demonstrated by the operands from select partner and enroll B. the most straightforward sq. is showed up inside the Figure four.3 and its RTL schematic Figure four.4.


An enlist record is an entire gathering of registers, ordinarily which are all a similar length. An enroll record takes three information sources, a list address esteem, an information esteem, and an empower flag. A flag decoder is utilized to pass the information esteem from the enlist document contribution to the specific enlist with the predefined address. Enlist record is executed as a Random Access Memory (RAM), which has an inertness of one clock cycle with three read ports and one compose port. Enlist document unit acknowledges three source addresses (Rd_Addr_1, Rd_Addr_2, Rd_Addr_3} and a control flag (Reg_Access) which indicates the entrance of Register records (Integer Access or Floating point Access) as appeared in Figure 4.5 and Figure 4.6. Enroll document yield is 64-bit which holds the information from either number or coasting point enlist record and has one 64-bit compose port for compose back.


The control*unit plays out the elements of math, intelligent, moving and pivoting capacities. On the off chance that bit guideline is 0100 at that point OR task is executed when next direction is gotten then proper activity is performed. The control unit comprises of two decoders. The primary decoder performs number-crunching and consistent capacity and the second decoder performs moving and pivoting tasks. The best square of control unit is appeared in the Figure 4.7 and its RTL schematic Figure 4.8.

RISC-V Instruction Set (Maximum Frequency: 57.007MHz)

Considering Figure 4.10 and Figure 4.11, Device Utilization of RISC-V Instruction set Processor is less when compared with RISC Instruction set Processor. Hence RISC-V processor is more efficient to use in VLSI and embedded applications like portable calculators, gaming tool kit, signal processors, vending machines etc.

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