The Third of May Painting Analysis and Understanding

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General Specifications of the Artwork

Third of may is a one of the biggest example of the Romanticism movement in Europe. Third of May is a painting that is made by the greatest artist Francisco Goya. This painting is placed in Prado museum that is national museum of Spain, it is made in 1814- 1815, Oil on canvas with the dimensions 8’9” × 13’4” (2.67 × 4.06m). It is a history painting.

Artist, Patron, Original location and original intended viewers: Romanticism is a movement that is originated in Europe during 18th century. It is clear from the word Romanticism that, it is period that belongs to romance or love. It is first modern movement of 18th century and also a rational choice. During this period most of the people focus on real movements instead of thinking about the imaginary things. Third of may is also a real situation.

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Moreover, Third of may was made in spain and commissioned by the provisional government of Spain. People were the intended viewers because it was placed in museum so more and more can watch it. It’s location is still same. Prado museum is such a wonderful museum that contains lots of paintings and sculptures. Francisco Goya is such a greatest artist who made this painting with lots of efforts. He tries to show each and every condition in this painting. He was working for royal family of Spain in 18th century. This painting is such a source of new form of art.

Goya was born in the city of Fuendotodos in Arganon. He was greatly influenced by paintings. When he was child, he makes paintings and known as a little painter. His father was Gilder and that ‘s the reason behind that his family moved to Zaragoza to expand their business. He was so influenced by rococo style and spaniash culture. Then, he went to royal academy for higher education. After sometime he started working as a painter for royal families . he got commission for that and then his attention goes to the royal family’s life. in 1808, French revolution when napoleon on the war and started to kill innocent people, goya made that painting to describe the horror image of French soliders and how they kill the innocent people (Palmer,111).

Visual Characteristic of Artwork

it is a painting that shows two kinds of groups. One group are made of solider and other group is normal or farmers. Soliders wears a proper uniform they covered their head too and they have guns. They pointed that guns to the normal people. They are enemies of each other. It show background too. It was a night movement because sky is black in its colour. The soliders are French and people are from Spain. Artist made many sketches of human bodies and showing that many of them are died. French solider pointed their guns on Spain’s people.

There is no firing squad and solider miss his target. Many bodies are laid down in a floor at backward position and there is also a blood that is come from the died bodies of Spain people that French soliders shoot them. There is also a holy or other place as shown in picture that there is a large palace that is shown to us in the background . Spanish people are standing away from some distance to place . People of Spain trying to protect that place from French soliders. It is estimated that more than 400 Spanish people were killed by French Solider that time. It is a horror part. The violence is dominant in this painting. It shows a real image that is happened in 18th century. It is a narrative (Carr-Gomm,122).

Culture context or function of artwork: Third of May is example of romanticism. This period is also influence by Rococo style. It is made in starting of 19th century. When Napoleon gave throne to his brother Joseph, most of Spanish people came for his welcome. Aftersome time, there was a rumor that French wants to kill royal family and then people started fighting to each other. That’s why most of Spanish people were killed. The purpose of the artwork to show inhumanity of French people against Spanish people. The one man who open his arms in that position that tells to uas that you can kill me, but not our bravery. They tries to protect royal family.

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