Frankenstein: a Hero, Villain, Or a Monster

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What makes a monster, villain or a hero is how we like to see things in our point of view. We give those stereotypes to anyone we think could be a hero, villain and a monster. We see a hero as in a nice person that saves other people from danger or helps in any way they can for the community. A villain is how we see someone doing someone committing a crime and just has this evil face that doesn’t like anyone. A monster is how we see someone that has power they use for evil or them doing something incredibly terrible. News too is what gives us the stereotypes of a hero, villain, and a monster. We don’t see it usually or pay attention to the news but everyday our world always has that hero as in cops or firefighters saving someone’s life or putting a criminal away to not harm anyone anymore or start danger. A villain on the news is a criminal that had probably robbed the store for money or physically hurt someone, usually they’re the ones you’ll see getting locked up or mugshots on the news. The monster in the news could be like a villain but worse. Monster can mean many things, they could mean this powerful beast that looks scary, or seeing Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster out there. Other way people see it is if there’s those shooters that just kill people for no reason or murdering a person. Being a monster could go both ways. But that is how we in todays society see what a hero, villain, and a monster could be. Perfect example from what makes a monster, villain or a hero is the book by Mary Shelley called “Frankenstein”. How Victor created this monster he wanted but ruined his life.

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In the story “Frankenstein” By Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein was this genius scientist that went and created this monster which in the book explained, “Victor spends months feverishly fashioning a creature out of old body parts.”, “When he looks at the monstrosity that he has created, however, the sight horrifies him.” With his creation horrifying victor he runs away and while he’s out of the house, Victors creation left the house too and went off to kill his younger brother which he was strangled to death. With his brother being killed Victor had the nice kind hearted girl his family adopted named Justine Moritz and she was tried and founded guilty of killing Victors younger brother even though it was Victors creation and not hers and they executed her, making two people in Victors life he loved dead. Eventually His creation finds Victor and asks him if he could create him a partner so he doesn’t become lonely anymore and forced him so he agreed and him this girl but as soon as he finished he saw this evil grin on his creations face and scared him so Victor killed her off by dumping her in the water. Creation is angered and threatened Victor he would do something to him on his wedding night, so he did and killed his wife when Victor wasn’t paying attention. Saddened and depressed and ill killed Victor. Victors creation being this tall strong big green creepy monster and his terrible actions what he did is also him being this villain, because monster could be in the same conversation as a villain and that’s the part Victors creation played in this story.

The creation of Victor could easily be a hero too, with him being this huge strong person that also had feelings as in the story explained,” The monster tells Walton of his immense solitude, suffering, hatred, and remorse. He asserts that now that his creator has died, he too can end his suffering. The monster then departs for the northernmost ice to die.” This was when Victor finally passed away from being sick for too long and couldn’t take his stress anymore. And with how Victors creation was made him to become more of a tragic hero than just a hero. How they explained him being a tragic hero is,” Victor Frankenstein is a tragic hero because he is a gifted scientist who succumbs to personal flaws like hubris and arrogance, which lead to his undoing. His need to feel powerful and god-like led him to create the monster that eventually caused his downfall.”

Today’s society and in the far future people are always going to have labels and stereotypes about if they are a monster, hero and a villain. The news will label such and such as them and even if we just hear from them and don’t see them in person or not, we will believe most of the time what the news will say.

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