Frankenstein by Mary Shelley: Main Features of the Character

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People that only care about themselves only understand their own troubles and only see in their perspective. Throughout Mary Shelley’s modern Prometheus novel Frankenstein, Victor created a monster through science so he could control the power of life. Soon the monster created by Victor, makes a mistake that Victor has no control of, and now Victor regrets creating the monster. In addition, he does not want to take responsibility for what the monster has done. In the novel, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley further characterizes Victor Frankenstein through the trial and execution of Justine Mortiz as selfish, cowardice, and lack of responsibility.

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During the trial and execution of the novel Frankenstein, Victor acts out in a selfish manner. For example, “The poor victim, who on the morrow was to pass the awful boundary life and death, felt not as I did. Such deep and bitter agony”. Victor is basically flipping the script. Although he could have confessed to save Justine’s life, he says that he is going through a lot of pain because she is going to be executed. But, in reality Justine’s emotions should be the main focus because she is being convicted of false crimes. In addition, “My talk was not one to announce publicly; it is astounding Narrow would be looked up upon The madness by the vulgar”. This shows how selfish Victor is because he does not want to take the blame for the actions of the monster because he does not want anyone to view him as insane or angry. Victor's main concern is what other people think of him, which is not allowing him to confess his creation of the monster.

Frankenstein’s true character of cowardice is put on display during the trial and execution of Justine Mortiz. For instance, “I well know if any other had communicated such a relation to me, I should have looked upon as raving of insanity”. He did not want to take responsibility for the crime. He did not know if his curiosity was the issue, but he meant his intentions that he did not want to hurt anyone. Another prime example is when Victor states, “could conceal the horrid anguish that possessed”. As Justine was in prison, Victor had went to visit her with Elizabeth. He felt the emotions as he should while knowing he is the reason she was placed on trial. His action of hiding from reality and trying to hide his emotions, instead of coming clean taking responsibility shows that he is, in fact, a coward.

Frankenstein lack of ownership was put to light at the trial and persecution of Justine Mortiz. An instance where his lack of responsibility is proven is ,“ a sense of mortal agony crept over my frame”. With everything Victor knew about his monster, he still allows Justine to be convicted and executed for a crime she never committed. Victor has the power to stop an unnecessary murder. But not saying what he knows, he is now responsible for Justine’s death. Also, “It was to be decided whether the result to my curiosity and lawless devices would cause the death of two of the fellow beings”. Victor yet has not fully taken responsibility for the death of Justine that his monster he created did. By abandoning the monster, the monster felt betrayed by his family, and Victor is his only person he felt like family to him. Victor is starting to realize he made a mistake and instead of owning up to it, he is running away from the problem. Which is confessing that he made the monster that did the murders.

Ultimately, Victor's egregious actions cost a woman's life. This is a decision he will have to live with the rest of his life. I believe Victor is the monster too because he created something that had the potential to kill people. When he was put on the big stage he acted like he did not know nothing about Frankenstein, he ran away from his problems that he started.When it was time to help somebody, he did not help her out . Victor let an innocent person die on something he could of changed. All he really needed to do is stand up for what’s right and not let his pride get the best of him.     

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