Frankenstein Literary Analysis and Plot

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Suffering happens throughout all of life. It may be brought upon by ourselves or by others. Even if it is not intentional, it may hurt others in the process. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, there is an open-ended question about whether there should be a limit set to regulate human advances. The plot of Victor´s creation shows how his downfall occurs, and how the downfall of society could occur if that extreme amount of power was given. The suffering caused by Victor Frankenstein and his oblivious attitude about the way his actions and self-inflicted isolation cause innocent characters to suffer sets him as the tragic figure of the novel.

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When Frankenstein decides to enter new territory, he isolates himself from his family and friends for fame and scientific discovery. His overly ambitious attitude makes everything much worse than it could have been. This attitude causes Victor to push all of those close to him far away. His father writes him letters and confronts Victor by telling him ̈you are still unhappy and avoid our society . Henry Clerval, Frankenstein’s closest friend, tries to help with his depression and has no success. Frankenstein’s isolation as shown early in the novel foreshadows the collapse of his relationships. Additional tragedies contribute to Frankenstein’s agony and even creates a block in his relationship with Elizabeth. As a result, Frankenstein becomes a completely isolated character and is unable to keep any human connection.

Frankenstein’s choice to create a new life came with many responsibilities which he chose to ignore. The creation was left with no one to care for him, giving him a deep hatred towards Frankenstein. In the novel, from the creation ́s point of view, he tells his story of misery. He describes the moment he was created as a ̈hateful day and proceeds to curse Frankenstein. The creation also makes a reference to God and how He created man in his own image. He further explains that he was made from a filthy image which is Frankenstein ́s. The creation experiences rejection from everyone and becomes deeply depressed and angry with Frankenstein. His realization that society is evil is evident in all of the pain he manifests and unleashes on Frankenstein’s close ones. Emotional suffering, more than physical suffering can cause one to commit monstrous acts. What made things harsh for the creation and drove him to revenge was the feeling of loneliness and misery. The creation was aware this was why he felt depressed so he asked Victor Frankenstein to make him a partner for him to reconnect with his humanity and gain some of his innocence back. The meeting between Victor and the creation illustrated that the feeling of isolation and rejection can cause violence.

The creation decides, after all of the pain he has gone through, that he will get revenge on Frankenstein and eventually murder his family and friends. Since Frankenstein was the one responsible for creating the monster, it weighs him down and influences him to isolate himself even more. On his mission to capture the creation and kill him for revenge, he realizes he has lost him and explains that ̈the idea of the fiend living and being triumphant, makes his want to rage . Frankenstein is in pain because of everything he has lost, and also because of the guilt, he is holding on to. The connection between Walton and Frankenstein plays a big role in the theme of suffering. When Frankenstein relays to Waltons all of the mistakes he has made, Walton is learning from him. There is a reoccurring similarity between the two and it is that they were always trying to blame others for their faults. The build-up of guilt on both Frankenstein and Walton, caused them to isolate themselves.

In conclusion, Frankenstein literary analysis brought suffering not only upon himself but also those around him and even his own creation. He did not care that he was doing any harm whatsoever nor did he even realize it. He acted like nothing was wrong until all of those he loved were murdered by his own creation that was the root of his suffering in the first place. The novel shows that if everyone was able to make extreme scientific advancements as Frankenstein did, society would fall apart and it would cause mass suffering.  

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