Franklin's Stance in Remarks Concerning the Savages of the North America

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In ‘Remarks Concerning The Savages of North America,’ Benjamin Franklin defends the Native Americans by arguing that they were not ‘savages,’ as English Americans thought. Rather they were smart people with cultural beliefs that were just as complex and strict as of the colonists, and sometimes even more. He gave many arguments to support his opinions, which are based off true events. 

An important event he speaks about is the interactions between the two cultures. Franklin states that when the colonist met Native Americans, they crowded around them, stared at them and made them uncomfortable. The Native Americans were just as curious about the colonist but, they looked at them from afar, discreetly, and without getting in their way. Franklin explains manners as entering another village, “It is reckoned uncivil in traveling strangers to enter a village abruptly without giving notice of their approach.”  

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Another observation Franklin made was the way the Native Americans conducted councils. Everyone in the community participated in these councils, and Franklin noticed that the speakers did not interrupt each other, instead they listened and conducted everything with order and civility. He compared this to the way the English Americans carried out its councils: the speaker constantly being interrupted and calling to order the confusion. 

Both observations are powerful in proving Franklin’s argument. He made valid points of each side in both ethnic groups. He also discussed factors that are considered important as points of civility. The fact that his observations are true events makes his argument effective, because it shows the difference in manners from where people come from and what people believe is naturally right and wrong.

Thomas Paine had a huge impact for the American Revolution, it explained most reason why the 13 colonies should be separated from Great Britain. Thomas Paine is one of the founding fathers of the United States, and one of the most persuasive writers for the cause of independence. The way Paine wrote helped people understand why the colonies were better without Great Britain. He refers to how things are compared to how it could be, speaking with so much emotion and empathy based from true events. Great Britain tired to control the colonies for their own benefit.

Thomas Paine realized that Great Britain only protected the colonies for their trade and sovereignty. Also they used the colonies as an army against their enemies, which stopped the colonies from forming new alliances, with other powerful countries. Paine explains that the power Great Britain has over the colonies is a form of government that is not helping, but insuring debt for new generations to come. Paine argued that it should come to an end to ensure a better life in the future.

I believe the most persuasive point that Paine writes is “A government of our own is our natural right:”. That is the true meaning of independence, but it also brings the country together to make a decision on how things should be. By creating laws, that would make everyone happy to follow the rules and give structure to the country. It allows the colonies to be independent in making alliances with other powerful countries, possible without a war and fair trade for reciprocal benefits. This was the best thing that could have happened for the colonies.

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