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Getting a higher education is extremely important in the United States. Many corporations and businesses require a higher education to even be considered for employment. Everyone dreams of owning a big house, fancy car and have the luxury to even travel the world one day, but to be able to do those things requires to have income to support their lifestyle. Everyone has heard at least once in their lifetime to get an education and follow their dreams to not only make themselves happy but to also make a living. If you want to succeed in a more healthy living life and not have to worry about depending on someone else for a few bucks, the answer to that is going to college. Everyone wants to have the best for themselves, and their family. People want to be able to support their loved ones the best they can. Sadly, not everybody has that choice. Some teens are not able to go to college even if they wanted to. Some reasons for not getting a higher education may be due to childcare, ability to take time off from work to attend classes or simply not be able to afford classes or not having the ability to go through all that student debt. You’re not going to be able to achieve a much simpler life unless you go to college and get that degree you want to pursue.

Most of the people here in the United States are very passionate about a certain career that maybe has been their dream job since being a child, or that is told to be a really good high paying job. But most of those people do not have the money to go to that certain college, or university and study for what they truly admire. If college was free, a lot more people could be able to do what they love and be able to get a good paying job. Less people would be suffering. People as in teens, and parents of teens who are the ones paying for that certain college.

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College is unreasonably expensive. Even community colleges. After graduating from high school, some students run away from the thought of going to college because of how expensive it can get. Students usually only focus on the job they have at the time, just so they can “focus” on making money faster, instead of getting an education. According to a survey by EAB Registar (formally Royall & Co), about 40% of the students declined the university due to high costs. The estimating average of student loan debt in the United States of America is $37,000 dollars (Anderson, Ellen) And most students drop out because they do not have that money to pay for tuition for all four years. This not only worsens the risk of getting an education, but can often make it a futile effort anyways. It also means that those in poor economic situations, through no fault of their own, often don’t have the opportunity to go to college, because of their intelligence. Even for those who can get student loans, without a degree-relevant job to follow it up with, it often ends up as financial suicide. If college were not so costly students would not have to worry about these added risks.

The affects about not having a higher education can lead to having really sucky jobs. For example, the fast food industry. Or working as a host/hostess. Mcdonald’s employees only make 8 dollars an hour, and that’s depending on the kind of work you are serving there. That is 17,850 dollars a year. And with an associates degree, the average salary is 41,496 dollars. Which is a major difference in pay between the two. “Having an associate’s degree gives you an edge over someone with no degree” (Josephson, Amelia). A waiter is usually paid less than normal minimum wage, and are only to rely on the tips they recieve. Waiters are paid around 10 dollars an hour. Those people who do not have an education have to work minimum paying jobs, some with more than one job, just to be able to pay rent every month.

Having a more educated populace translates to higher job specialization, enhancing the already strong American economy. “According to estimates from 2016, young adults in America earn 57 percent more if they have a bachelor’s degree than if they only complete high school.”(Epstein) And as unskilled work slowly but surely becomes more by computers, the need for jobs that require human research become all the more necessary. The more specialized the workforce is, the more prosperous and future-ready its nation is.

Since 2009, there seems to be an increasing number of people who understand the necessity of education that does not pay tuition in the United States. The Obama administration promised to promote tuition-free community colleges here in the United States. Since then, four states (Rhode Island, New York, Oregon, Tennessee) have fulfilled this promise. The Excelsior Scholarship program will provide full scholarship to students of state universities or city universities in New York State. This program was greatly expanded opportunities for students. Scholarships depend on various conditions, such as students who have to stay in New York State for many years to receive a scholarship and students have to go to school full time. Failure to fulfill these conditions will result in the scholarships becoming interest-free loans and students would have to pay back.

A big thing people suggest, is going into is the Military to help pay for college. Participating in the military is not only an opportunity to serve our country, but it also has many benefits and various ways to help pay for university expenses. If you go to join the Army, Marines, Air force, Navy, etc, they will each sit you down individually and share with you the different type of educational aid you can get. The military is helping people based on the combination of professional knowledge and work efficiency. Thousands of veterans have helped pay for college to this day. Some students claim that going into the military right after highschool will intervene with their education studies.

People also suggest, especially teachers, is going out and looking for scholarships. There are so many different kinds of scholarships. Scholarships are another way of financial aid for students who do not need to repay. Scholarships can be awarded to a student based on academic performance, academic skills, special talents, and different interests from music, to sports. The Scholarship is a bonus to students for financial assistance. Grants are provided on a variety or criteria, which represents donors or founders’ foundation. (Peterson, Kay) Every year the United States Department of education, provides a sum of money, loans, and work learning funding of more than 120 billion to to over 13 million college students, which is the largest provider of nation student fund programs in this country.

Today, everything is involved around money and is very important to have the right amount of money in need all the time. College is a great example of getting to that goal. Even with school being so expensive, there are a few ways to help all the effects of not having the help financially.  

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