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Free Movement of People in Globalization

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What would happen if border control were suppressed and people were granted the right to move freely throughout the world, This paper explores “people migrate without borders in globalization. According to Shamir article, people transborder flows, which means the ethical human rights, economics and social implications of the free movement people of people with in and out side border. The suggested framework point at the emergence of global mobility regime that actively seeks to contain social movement both within and across borders. The movement of people across national boundaries, which began a long time ago is a matter of interest and an issue of concern as the twenty first century, draws to a close. The attention is not just a function of the present conjuncture, it is attributable to the fact that the pressure for international migration are considerable and appear to be the mounting despite restrictive immigration law as, when we defined, movement of people according to historical perspectives international migration, goes back a long time. Indeed, the migration of people is as old as a nation state.

According to HANNAM article, large scale of people mobility out side their home countries, this means more than 160 million people estimated to be living outside their country of birth, almost no country is un touched by international migration is immune to its effects with poverty, political repression, human rights, abuses and conflict and illness like influenza pushing in to more and more people out of their home countries while economic opportunities, political freedom, physical safety and security pull both highly skilled and un skilled workers in to a new land. Global order is increasingly crisis crossed by tourists workers terrorists, student, migrants, asylum seekers, scientists/scholars family members, business people, soldiers gust workers and so on, such multiple and intersecting mobilities seem to produce a more “Networked” patterning of economy and social life, even fore those who have not moved and material too are on the movement often carried by moving bodies whether openly, clandestinely or inadvertenly.

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The multinational sourcing of different components of manufactured products involves just in time delivery from around the world(Lury, 1997). There are many effects of factor mobility on the host and home countries positive as well as negative factor mobility rose as globalization expanded over the years. When I come to capital mobility and labour immobility, “According to castelles, capital can move freely with in the global flows, labour migrants face always hinders and obstals.


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