Free Will: What is the Power

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I will discuss whether or not I think free will and voluntary action is possible and how we are free even though the universe around us operates according to fixed and fully determined set of laws. I believe free will is possible although the determinist proposed that all behavior has a cause and is so predictable. It is believed that free will is an illusion, and our behavior is in powered by internal or external forces over which we have no control because the belief that God has absolute control over a person’s actions. With that being said, I would like to argue why free will is possible, although I do believe God does hold control to a lot of things, I don’t believe he has absolute power over a person’s actions. I believe he does have the power to put situations in front of a person and they have the free will to choose their path and what they would like to do. If he had complete control, a hell wouldn’t exist. If God had absolute control over every person, don’t you think there would be no sins or evil? Or even a devil for those who make bad decisions? If there were no free will you would not be able to ask a question like that, and me responding to it on my own beliefs and thoughts of my own.

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Consciousness is closely connected to free will. You cannot be conscious of something without having some kind of choice about what you think or feel. Saying we have no free will is saying we have 0 control of what we do throughout our whole life. You can say its involuntary to the degree that you aren’t aware of what you are doing in a moment but most of the time we are very conscious of our actions we choose and the moment you pay attention, you have a choice you can make. My two strong points why free will is possible is the uniqueness of each person’s mind and well as how each and everyone one of us are so different, and completely believe in a variety of things, whether it is religion or just the belief on something you feel strongly about, as well as everything affects everyone differently. The way a person may react to something, I may react and respond completely different, which ties in to so much more. A thought experiment would be me asking you to choose any city in the world to talk about, you choose a certain city because of something it reminded you of and it was your choice, no one else influenced your decision, it was totally up to you and you alone with your thoughts. Example if I choose Dallas Tx it is because this is where I am from and have spent most of my life and based off my own experience, but one may choose Paris for their own personal reason, whether it is a dream to go there or their home it was up to them and their free will to choose.

Free will is possible because each and every one of us have our own thoughts, and beliefs on every single little thing, such as what to eat, wear, study, what to do for fun, etc. This affects me on a personal level in so many ways and throughout my whole day, starting with what time I set my alarm, what I do when I first wake up to my nightly routine before bed. Many people believe God controls all of our decisions but thats part of the reason why we have free.

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