Freedom of Speech and Censorship


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Censorship can affect people all over the world in many different ways. Censorship can affect people’s opinions and views on things as well as their judgment in life.

Censorship does not affect just one country but it can affect what other people say about it. The leader of China, XI, evens censors outside of his own country, text states “But these days XI doesn’t want to censor information just in his own country; he also wants to censor our own discussion in the west.”  The censorship in this case is unneeded, because people have the right to think what they want, this can affect the views people have on China because they do not know any information on it if it’s all censored away. Everyone deserves freedom and a right to believe whatever they want to, censorship ruins the fact that no one can find information to help shape their judgment. They even block the news sources about what is happening there, it states “ First, raise chinas blocking of outside news sites and social media platforms as a trade issue before the World Trade Organization”. Censorship of news can be an issue to society because of the information should be allowed for anyone to see no matter if its bad or good. In this example, China wants to ban any bad information on their leader and situation, which can shift someone’s view on China if they don’t know anything negative about it. The author states about Xi “ Xi’s anxiety about the internet, religion, Hong Kong protesters, even Winnie-the-Pooh underscores his own insecurities. Xi seems terrified that real information will infiltrate the Chinese echo chamber…”. Xi went to the length of censoring the character winnie the pooh for fear of making him look bad in front of his people and other people, even though it was only a joke. His fears of information affects America, and other countries rights and opinions. All in all censorship in countries, such as China can affect the judgment on it, which makes censorship unnecessary.

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Freedom of speech is an important factor in deciding what peoples opinions on things are especially on social media. Censorship on social media can change someone’s beliefs on a topic, the text states “Twitter, and other media can limit, control, and censor speech as much as or more than government entities”. If something you use on a daily basis has more control over the news and information you see more than the government it can change the way you view things. In this case censorship is not very necessary because it shouldn’t have that much power over a person’s opinion. The article also says “. These justifications don’t require governmental presence. Powerful private actors can infringe on free expression rights just as much as public actors”. Private companies and groups should not have the same power of government authorities, by censoring things they don’t like it can shift and shapes people’s views on life, politics, more things as well. In this case censorship by these groups are extremely dangerous and unnecessary, especially with social media. It also states “posits that people need and crave the ability to express themselves to become fully functioning individuals. Censorship stunts personal growth and individual expansion”. With censorship it can confine people to be a separate individual and rid the people of having different and conflicting opinions. If everyone thought the same, there would be no point in being human to the point where we would become dull and unlife like. In conclusion, freedom of speech and the right to think differently can be affected by censorship, and it could get out of control.

Although some people may argue that censorship is necessary to keep them safe it can get out of control and can lead to people being stripped of information and rights. In the article it states “Sometimes these decisions are made to safeguard a person’s privacy, others to protect media outlets from corporate or political fallout, and yet others for concerns of national security”. Despite the fact that censorship is used to protect people, it can usually do the opposite because if a person does not know information of what the treat is they don’t know what to do. Corporate and political people can get a hold of information and use it for the worse no matter what they censor. It also states “Sometimes these decisions are made to safeguard a person’s privacy.” A person’s safety can be at steak, no matter what the situation is and censoring it can only help to a certain extent. People get a way of getting information no matter what so, using censorship is unnecessary. All in all, safety is not a valid reason to enforce censorship on people compared to their rights and opinions.

In conclusion , after my thoughts about freedom of speech and censorship , I would say that censorship is unnecessary in many cases and can rob someone of their rights,opinion, and judgment. Censorship can get out of hand and many bad people can use it for immoral purposes, like country leaders using it to ban unpleasant information about them, and corporate companies censoring it to manipulate people.    

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