Freedom Walkers: Montgomery Bus Boycott as a Basis for Civil Rights Movement

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“Freedom Walkers” by Russell Freedman published and was originally published on September 30, 2006. Freedom Walkers is about how on December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus and give up her seat to a white man. Her inability to surrender set and her dignity this ignited the Montgomery Bus Boycott which eventually would cause the end for segregation on buses. But the boycott did not quit there, Russell Freeman expresses all of the key events and stories that contributed to the Civil Rights Movement. 

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Freedman's book tells the riveting stories of the people who stood up and fought against segregation and Jim Crow laws. Freedman also gives us a perspective on black people's lives during the 1950s at the struggles that people had to go through. In this book, will ego thought Russell Freedman 'Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott,' analyzes how the story's events lead to the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. 2: Authors connection Russell A. Freedman was a biographer and an author of almost 50 books for young people. He may be best known for winning the 1988 Newbery Medal with his work on a book about Abraham Lincoln: A Photobiography. 

Russell Freedman is also one of America's most admired writers of non-fiction books for young adult readers. His work has numerous Awards, including a Newbery Medal, 3 Newbery honors and many La best books for young adults and ala notable children's books. Freedman takes a pivotal moment in American history and permeates it with living grace and Powerful emotion. Russell was born in 1929 which means he was alive during the Civil Rights Movement he was able to see what black people had to go through during that crucial time in history. Since he was alive in 1929 he was able to have a connection to that time in history where the Civil Rights Movement took place. 3:Plot summary In 1949 southern states had Jim Crow Laws, It was believed, especially in the South, that whites were superior to blacks. 

These laws forced blacks to be treated like a second-class citizens. Black people were required to sit in the back of the bus, use separate restrooms and water fountains. Blacks were not allowed to go to the same schools, churches and even movie theaters and if they attempted to, they were arrested and harassed. By 1949, the black citizens of Montgomery, Alabama were ready to protest for their equal rights. And, as the author states, 'it started on a bus'.Jo Ann Robinson was an black teacher who was thrown off a Montgomery city bus by a white bus driver because she sat in the front of the bus, which blacks were not allowed to do. The front of the bus was for whites only. Robinson, along with an organization called the Women's Political Council, took the issue to city officials and asked for changes to the city bus service, including hiring more blacks to drive the buses and that white drivers stop harassing black passengers. She told the mayor that if the buses remained segregated, the Women's Political Council would plan a city-wide bus boycott.

Their requests were ignored, the Women's Political Council moved forward with the boycott plan.In late 1955, an NAACP activist named Rosa Parks was arrested, not for sitting in the whites-only section of the bus, but for refusing to give up her seat for a white man. This act would sparked the beginning of the bus boycotts and lead to Parks becoming known as 'The Mother of the Freedom Movement'.Once the boycotts started, many people accepted discounted rides from taxi drivers who were supporters of the movement. The boycott was the same day as Rosa Parks' trial. Parks was found guilty and fined $14. Later that day, a group of black leaders called the Montgomery Improvement Association, organized by an activist named E.D. Nixon, who was the founder and president of the local NAACP, held a meeting. At this meeting, Martin Luther King Jr., who had been named the group's president, gave a speech urging blacks to continue to protest but to do so 'with dignity and Christian love', after which there was a unanimous vote for the boycott to continue.

The boycotters had 3 main objectives:Civil treatment of black passengers,No requirement for black passengers to give up seats in the 'black section' for white passengers and Black bus drivers for black bus routes. 4:Analysis Stage The historical significance is that blacks had it very hard but with a few people who persevered and had bravery allowed blacks to live a better life and allowed Those people like Rosa Parks who sparked the Civil Rights Movement made blacks have a better life where they can now go and be treated equally as whites. who knows if there would have even been a civil rights movement without people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King jr..Before the Civil Rights Movement blacks had a very hard life they were treated unfairly and like second-class citizens, we weren't able to shake White's hands, use white people restrooms, go to white people movie theaters, or even drive and a white people Taxi.

Many blacks had a fear of getting arrested or harassed if they did not do as they were told or where they were told. This moment in time is very significant to our history because it showed the time where we finally started allowing blacks to live equally among us. Freedom Walker's was and a very exciting books and I agree with how the author presented what blacks had to go through to get the freedom they deserve. The strengths and this book were how he was able to accurately tell other people's stories and the weaknesses were how the author didn't put any of his views at War thoughts and what he thought on the matter.

Russell Freedman's 'Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott,' analyzes how the story's events lead to the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement.  'What's the “Freedom Walkers” by Russell Freedman the book ends on how Rosa Parks Defiance on that December evening in 1955 set in motion a revolution that led to the death of Jim Crow segregation and the South and brought black Americans into the nation's political life it also Ends by telling how and how much sacrifice, success and determination that it took to exterminate Jim Crow Waze and allow African-Americans to enjoy and be a part of society as equals. The modern American Civil Rights Movement had a dramatic story with a beginning and middle and triumphant ending oh, the Montgomery Bus Boycott has been the subject of numerous histories, memoirs, articles, monographs, and dissertations. 

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