The History of French Cinema: Land of the Inventors of Cinematography

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The History of French Cinema

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For over a century, France has been a massive influence on the film and cinema industry and continues to be one of the greatest producers of films in the modern world. The French cinemas can be seen as a platform for various levels of film, but in a general sense commercial and auteur films are the most common. The French are credited as the creators of the film industry after two men created a Cinématographe machine in 1895, those inventors are Auguste and Louis Lumiére. The two quickly Patented their invention and began screening photos and small skits. From then on the French and the world film industry has ultimately evolved.

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The importance of the cinemaIn France films and movies are more than just a screening, they are seen as a story that can toy the audiences feeling to create emotion in the audience. Many reviewers praise French film creators such as Éric Toledano, Érice created many emotional films including his box office hit ‘The Intouchables’. In this film French film culture is expertly explored after Toledano plays with the audience like he is playing with the strings of a puppet, he creates meaning and life in his motion pictures which is what the French film industry ultimately aims to do, this is why you should never pass up on the opportunity to see a French film because it will be one you will never forget!The rich diversity of the French CinemaThe French cinema and film industry is one of the most diverse in regard to both genre and actors.

One of my favourite French movies is ‘the intoucables’, the reason I love this movie so much is because it creates an emotional effect on both myself and the sudience due to a beautiful relationship that had been formed between Driss (played by Omar Sy) and Philippe (played by François Cluzet). The directors Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano expertly examine the impact relationships have on an audience which ultimately keeps the audience watching the film. Therefore, the French cinema has a vibrant diversity in films due to the emotion created throughout various movies. The Cannes film festivalThe cannes film festival is an annual film festival held in Cannes (France), which previews films of all genres including documentaries from all over the globe. The festival was initially founded in 1946. In 2018 the festival was held on the 8th of May 2018 and ran all the way until the 19th May 2018.

The festival is structured into various film catergorys including, Compétition (the main event of the festival), Courts Métrages (Short Films), Hors Compétition (Out of Competition), Un Certain Regard, Cannes Classics (to recogonise film culture through the years), and éances Spéciales (Special Screenings to ensure that amazing films will always be enjoyed. ) The festival is also a fashion show with Cinema de la Plage taking place every year, this event sees various fashion brands showing off their new clothing. Synopsis transcriptThe story of Jean de Florette is set outside a small village in Provence, France, shortly after the first world war. In the commended French drama, the innovative Ugolin Soubeyran reappears to his local backdrop of Vaucluse in Provence, after he served time in the French military.

When Ugolin came home he was determined on creating a cultivated area to sell expensive species of flowers, after Ugolin begins growing a small amount of the devises with his uncle, Cesar (Yves Montand), to gain admission to a hidden spring on a neighbouring estate. When Ugolin and Cesar initially attempt to purchase the estate nosedives, the two must compete with Jean de Florette (Gérard Depardieu), who appears with his family to work the sought-after estate and change the arid, dry estate into a commercial farm. In the early stages of Jeans time on the farm he begins making money breeding rabbits but in the long run Jean struggles to keep both his crops and rabbits due to the looming struggle of water depravity which is caused by Cesar and Ugolin blocking off the spring causing Jean to have little to no access to water. Jean is forced to walk backbreaking trek every day with litres of water on his back, Jean asks Ugolin if he could borrow his mule but is met with a flurry of vague excuses.

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