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Functional Features Of Weapon Cases

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The gun bags are protective covers (made of leather or synthetic fabrics), which are put on the weapon with a tight casing and serve not for carrying, but for permanent use (shooting is from a weapon with a tactical cover put on it). Tactical covers protect the weapon from scratches, shock loads, they quench recoil and protect the gunner from burns (when the barrel heats up during firing). Cases for semi-automatic weapons, as a rule, are long. These guns are rarely taken apart for transportation or storage unless a case was attached to the gun when you bought it. Covers for semi-automatic length depend on the length of the trunks. The case must be chosen roomy, the gun should go into the case along with a fastened belt, do not forget about it. Leather cases are expensive but practical and durable. A cover with a foam spacer inside will ensure the safety of the gun from impacts, during transportation, and is suitable especially for expensive guns.

There are tactical cases, mainly for military-type weapons. The case has many pockets, compartments and fastening systems, in addition to the main compartment for weapons. You can put additional accessories and spare parts in your pockets to your weapons (shops, muzzle nozzles, cleaning kit, etc. ). The cover material can be natural or synthetic, synthetic materials are often used for cases exposed to extreme conditions, for example, when duck hunting, when the weapon is in a wet environment. Sometimes covers for such hunts are floating, i. e. if the gun in the case falls overboard, it can be saved, and it will not go to the bottom with a stone. Basically, such materials save from excess moisture (spray, rain, sleet). Fabric possesses water-repellent properties and shows good resistance to wear. In that case, if you need a case for carrying weapons over long distances, it is better to buy a weapon case in a solid design. However, they are heavy. Therefore, for frequent trips and workouts, you can buy lighter bags for weapons. Virtually every weapon case has a soft lining to prevent mechanical damage. When choosing a weapon case, make sure that its size fits your length. Also, pay attention to the shape and mounting of the weapon inside. Usually, it is fastened with two slings, which ensures its reliable fixation. Foamed polyethene is also widely used. The advantages of this material should be considered such qualities as strength and durability. Tactical bags and weapon cases made with the use of foam materials well protect the weapon from external influences. A lining element is very important in any weapon case.

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The lining is constantly in contact with the weapon, so we make it out of a lint-free, dense fabric. Case for weapons, a minimum of external elements. High-quality weapon case has a minimum of external elements. Various carbines, slings, handles and patch pockets only interfere. In addition, they can greatly increase the cost of the product. It is worth noting that tactical bags and weapon cases have certain areas that carry the greatest load, so we strengthened these places with special plastic inserts. Particular attention is paid to the production straps cover. They must be very durable and well sewn to the boot. It is better not to buy a cover if the straps are sewn into the seam. The most reliable connection is when the straps are stitched to the cover with a multi-layer seam through the reinforcing element. This is the compound used in our weapon cases. For hidden carrying weapons used bag: This item must comply with its purpose, not only theoretically, but also in practice. Often, manufacturers, without thinking about the intended purpose of such a backpack or bag, produce a product that not only cannot hide a bulky weapon but on the contrary, unduly emphasizes its presence.


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