Fundamental Management Problems of Thomas Green, Senior Market Specialist at Dynamic Displays


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For as long as we know, the workplace has created an environment where politics cannot be avoided. The fundamental management problem that was identified in the case is the use of power which has created an office politics scenario within the company. This management problem was raised when Thomas Green was promoted as the new senior marketing specialist in Dynamic Displays. The position was actually expected to be filled by the company’s marketing director, Frank Davis, but the process was interfered by the division vice president, Sharon McDonald. This political scenario was then created right at the moment when Sharon McDonald decided to overruled Frank Davis by giving the position to Thomas Green. In another way, it also explained how Thomas Green got into the situation.

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According to an article on the Harvard Business Review, young workers often make the mistake of assuming that understanding office politics is not necessary (Reardon, 2015). Thomas Green was only 28, and only have 6 months of working experience with the company before becoming the youngest senior marketing specialist. Upon his legendary promotion, McDonald foresee the potential politics situation and advised him to be careful and seek out guidance whenever needed from other seasoned managers due to his lack of managerial experience. Because of having a good relationship with McDonald, Thomas Green thought it was unnecessary and took it for granted by not taking her advice seriously. Thomas Green was not Davis’s intended candidate for the position and the relationship between them was just mediocre at the very beginning. However, their relationship has just gotten worse with a full series of events after their first forecasting meeting together with the team.

During the meeting, Thomas Green did not acknowledge Davis’s forecasted numbers for his region, and stood up to challenge him on the projected numbers. This has left a bad impression on Thomas Green, as Davis sees Thomas Green as a disrespectful and arrogant person. On the other hand, Thomas Green sees Davis as an unrealistic boss who creates an impossible target to achieve. All these has gradually created and heighten the barriers between Davis and Green which leads to a significant symptom that was presented in the case – lack of communication. After being upset with Thomas Green, Davis has provided multiple feedbacks to McDonald about Green’s performance regarding his new position. In the emails, it obviously showed that Davis was very unhappy with Green’s attitude for not working the way he wanted all the time and not updating his plans with the team. Thomas Green was aware of these complaints, but because of the barriers between both gentlemen, he takes no action and keeps avoiding any communications with Davis. The issue has magnified to the extent that it caught McDonald’s attention. To avoid the issue from snowballing, McDonald hopes to receive statements from both parties to come up with a solution to resolve the issue.

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