Future Career Choice: a Pastry Chef, Dental Assistant Or a Business Owner?


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There are many jobs out there to choose from and that is why we need to gather information about them and narrow them down to decide what is the best. Many people just look for the highest paying job when they are searching for a career. But something to also think about is if will be enjoyable and to find something that will be fun. Narrowing down careers from a pastry chef, dental assistant, and a business owner can change someone’s whole future.

A Pastry Chef has many benefits and losses to it but overall is a great job to have. A pastry chef is a professional cook who prepares homemade baked goods. Skills to have to be better at this job is knowledge of ingredients, creativity, leadership, hand-eye coordination, time management, and taste and smell. Time management is a big one because baking takes a lot of time and if there are a lot of different things to do in a certain amount of time, managing how long you take is key. Demands that must be met is having a strong work ethic because bakers work long hours and start very early in the morning, from 3-4am usually. Pastry chefs should be able to create menus, take inventory, create recipes, and schedule staff.

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There are a wide range of work environments for this career, like a bakery, large or small restaurant, hotels, stores, bistros, cruises, casinos and resorts. And when starting out as a pastry chef it starts as an assistant then after a few years it could change to an executive Pastry Chef. The Education requirements for this career is very open and it depends on how and where you get a job. The higher pay job will probably need a certificate or degree and that is why going to a culinary school to get a degree can be easier to get a higher job for better pay. And this brings us into the salary of a pastry chef. And it is a very wide range of salary because there are different levels, but the average is $24,170, but a more experienced pastry chef would get $38,000. The wide range would be from $20,000 to $60,00 depending on the education background, experience, region or the employer.

A dental assistant has many benefits and losses just like a pastry chef but is a great job to have. A dental assistant is someone who takes care of a patient, takes x-rays, does record keeping and scheduling. The work environment is full time and is a very clean environment because you are dealing with people’s mouths. They must wear glasses, masks, the right clothing and wear gloves to keep very sanitary. Demands that must be met is being detail oriented (following rules), being good with hands, listening and being organized. The biggest one would have to be good with hands because they must deal with a small part of the body and when working on it they have to be precise and can’t be shaky with their hands dealing with the mouth. The education requirements are low just like a pastry chef, you could go in and have an on the job training unless performing coronal polishing, that needs to have a license to be able to do it. But to get a license there are one-year classes to get your diploma or there are accredited programs to learn for a month and practice. The average salary for a dental assistant is $36,940 but it does vary between where you’re working and who your employer is. Most of these assistants work full time but 1/3 of them work part-time. To become a Dental Assistant, it is very important to have the right attitudes, so the patients will feel comfortable. Some personalities that are good are concentration, communication, steady hands, administrative, organized, and the commitment to health.

A business Owner is more of a complex career, but it can have some benefits and losses to it as well. A Business owners job is to own a small or large business and to make decisions, hire people, have goals for the business, and to have policies. There is no degree level needed to own a business, but it would be beneficial to get a degree in business to have more knowledge on how to run a business. Some skills to have with being a business owner is patience, persistence, self-motivated, communication, marketing, book keeping, and time management. Education can vary for being a business owner, but the main one is associates, bachelors or masters of science in Business Administration. And others are healthcare, hospitality, management, entrepreneurship, finance, and human resources.

To be able to open a business there is always a plan to it and after planning there is identification with licenses and then the next step is to find competition near the business. The requirements that would need to be met is licenses and permits, labor laws and safety, unemployment insurance, workers and compensation. And with having a business one thing to consider is to always adjust your goals because businesses can’t always stay the same. The average salary is $71,584 for a small business but there are a wide range of sizes for businesses to get way more than that. With obtaining all that information it would have to conclude to which one is the best to go for, but that would be different for everyone because everyone doesn’t like the same things. Obviously being a business owner would give you more money, but it would have the most work and the other two are around the same amount of money. So it would have to be about which one is the most enjoyable and what someone could live with for a long time because this can change someone’s life.

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