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Future of the Sector / Contemporary Issues

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Future of the Sector / Contemporary Issues (minimum one page)

The food manufacturing companies deal with trends and challenges that are showing up by emerging technologies. It causes the necessity for new production systems, innovations, agrifood applications to preserve the competitive advantage. On the other hand, because of the increasing population and environmental instability to meet demand, agriculture in 2050 will need produce almost 50 percent more food, feed and biofuel than it did in 2012.

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Technology has significant effects on finding solutions to food production problems. To understand how Tat Gıda deal with the contemporary issues and digital transformation, I made interviews with an industry 4. 0 engineer and a manager who is an industrial engineer from the process and project improvement department. They are currently carries out an Industry 4. 0 project at Tat Gıda’s plant in MustafaKemalPaşa, Bursa. The major challenge of the food sector is the low per-product income from retail sales. Since this situation directly affects the turnover, profit and capacity and increases the time of creation of the available financial resources, investments and expenditures should be done carefully in the food sector by being very prudent. This situation causes the technological transformation of the sector to follow behind many other sectors. For example, a factory production monitoring software is on average around € 30,000.

The application of this software to the business takes place at a cost of around € 100. 000. While a company in the automotive industry does not think much of this software to take and implement it, a company in the food industry should research very well before buying this software. In any wrong decision, the automotive company can tolerate this loss in a maximum of 2 months, while in the food sector it may take years. The firms in the food industry are almost completely dependent on technology in technological applications. Continuously with other companies to make the system setup. Their own technical team usually only consists of nurses. Even research departments may not be available. They also agree with other companies for their R & D work. This external dependency creates an extra cost item as the cost of the consultant. It also does not allow them to follow developments fast and up-to-date. TAT Gıda Sanayi A. Ş. . At this point, it has set up a technology unit under the name of Industry 4. 0 unit in its own project department by following a different way than its many competitors and can follow up the developments in the automation sector. This will lead to a 50% saving in the mid-term in consultancy fees.

According to the ındustry 4. 0. engineer, the table that appears in the 12-year period in front of the food industry is to simplify, flexibly and transform into systems that can make predictive production, by applying the lean production logic in the technological dimension, by automating the automation lines and systems in the factories. Increasing population, expectations and desires are changing rapidly, new human profiles, products that have become increasingly old, have started to require flexibility in the technological transformation of the sector. As an example, Sek Quark product is the most popular product for several months, and sales can be reduced by 20-30%. When a new variety of the same product is launched (fruity options), sales also reach their former high levels. The experience gained here is the expectation of continuous innovation of consumers. A sudden drop in sales leads to the product remaining in the warehouse, the product remaining in the warehouse is transformed into waste products at the end of SKT, resulting in loss of raw materials, labor, energy and logistics. In order to avoid these situations and to minimize the risks, the production lines are flexible to be able to produce a certain number of time according to the need and demand. The production of parallel products with a similarity from one line will make production possible on demand. Many machinery companies are engaged in various research and development. For example, milk, banana, strawberry and cacao milk production in addition to regular milk can be carried out on the same line.

This development will be implemented in many food industry companies within ten years. Those who cannot apply will be in a difficult situation because they will have difficulty in dealing with market prices. In addition, it is a prerequisite for all food industry companies that the human factor needs to be minimized and production must be fully autonomous in order to increase the quality and reach the optimum product flavors. In many firms, it is aimed to reduce the human impact by 80% by 2028 in order to ensure that the product recipes are continuously applied in the same quality production. When a line that produces consistently stable production is fed with an optimum recipe product, customer complaints can be reduced to almost zero and the same quality can be achieved continuously. Of course beautiful effects. Industry 4. 0 is a process that needs to be completed by 2030. Technological investments are now made in 9 dimensions under the name of digitalization. The 5 dimensions of this 9 dimension are optional in 4 basic sizes. Now the factories are beginning to realize that it is in their best interest to record every step of production from every direction. They realized that all their processes were interrelated. Many companies were aware of the purchase and storage of raw materials, the suitability of the raw material for the recipe and the suitability of the recipes in production. Every parameter and output output in production will be recorded and a big data will start to be generated within a few years.

For example: Electricity consumption is monitored between 2018 and 2020 and electricity production can be calculated with an accuracy of 80% on the basis of month and day in 2021, even if there is a change in production quantity and capacity of a production line that is recorded immediately. In addition, the automation systems in our country are generally complex and frequently failures which are supplied from overseas companies and they require routine maintenance. A company from the country of purchase for routine maintenance regularly comes to the site for inspection. This maintenance cost is borne by the customer. In the event of an unexpected failure, a team is called from abroad.

These situations create extra cost to the customer. At least in cases of faults, the manufacturer can remotely connect with augmented reality (AI) applications and quickly resolve the fault by directing the current maintenance person of the enterprise with high simulated instructions. This means both financially and in terms of time. One important point is instant monitoring of production. In today’s organization, it is not so easy to learn how much of a product is currently produced in a business. At the end of the production, you must wait for the report from the planning. Or it may be requested from the machine operator to read the production information of the machine by contacting the producers. This can be avoided with the MES system (if the machine counts instant production). Mobile phones, computers, tablets, even the smart watch, the amount of product that is curious at the moment, the amount of product, spent raw materials, energy, etc. can be accessed in a minute more information.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?