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How Blockchain Implementation Can Change the Gaming Industry

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I chose to expound on the game industry today, since it spins around dreams of numerous individuals who desire for at long last working into something with significance to them. Just couple of different industries arise so much genuine enthusiasm as the game industry does.

long periods of committed time. To advance in games, the gamer needs to develop their rankings, achieve new accomplishments, and even get certain honors. In any case, toward the day’s end, what does the gamer need to show for every one of those hours spent playing? Wasted time and sore thumbs. Be that as it may, with blockchain and smart contract innovation this can be changed.

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Blockchain and smart contract innovation is opening up another time of gaming by giving gamers opportunity to gain game token by taking an interest in games. The game token can be utilized for purchasing game money for any game that gamers need to play or purchase game items. This will make gamers significantly more engaged with and convey more enjoyable to the gaming background.

Yumerium (YUM) is a gaming token that can be earned by playing, sharing and surveying games and can be spent in any game that backings it. YUM coordinates promoting apparatuses, for example, referral rewards or abundance battles to draw in and connect with clients. Yumerium network has built on four strong holds;

  • Driver for engagement and acquisitions.
  • Full gaming community with rewards system.
  • A complete crowdfunding platform.
  • fully decentralized payment gateway.

There is right now no protected and simple route for players to get significant prizes. At whatever point a developer makes a challenge, gamers need to peruse long authoritative reports and give individual data to just take an interest in the battle. Indeed, even after a champ is picked, it frequently sets aside a long opportunity to get the prize. Far and away more terrible, a few champs don’t get their prizes because of purposefully deceptive standards or in light of the fact that the developers vanish by and large. Yumerium fixes these issues (simplicity, honesty and speed) by utilizing a decentralized framework.


  • Reduce middlemen in the marketing process and give the tools directly to developers.
  • Blockchain verifies ownership of the limited edition copy.
  • Give developers tools to run campaigns intermittently, elongating the update cycle.
  • Give out referral codes to buy games at a discount and compensate influencers.
  • Decentralized the system to allow independent campaigns or cheaper campaigns through Yumerium.
  • Incentivize early consumers with token rewards and limited copies.


  • YUM will be an ERC20 write token which is fueled by Ethereum blockchain.
  • Token Symbol: YUM
  • Token Pre Sale Starts: May 23th, 2018
  • Token Price: $0.1 USD
  • Add up to Supply: 500 Billion
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Hard Cap: 316,906,850 Million

In conlusion, the gaming business is worth $109 billion in the market today and is required to reach $128 billion by 2020. It is required that he acquire to-play worldview will blast in an indistinguishable direction from the allowed to-play show. Yumerium needs to lead the market by rapidly testing the idea in the market with its own particular games and additionally accomplice games.


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