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Gaming To Health Care: Using Virtual Reality In Physical Rehabilitation

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The main difference in different kinds of HMD’s can be differentiated by the factor whether they are wired or wireless. The serious HMD’s for gaming especially need to be wired in order to exchange all that data back and forth. Types of wireless HMD’s:

Vuzix: A wireless HMD. Can be used in the field of like flying an aeroplane. There is the use of wire but the wire is for sound. It is projected that there will be over 200 HMD’s on the market this time next year. Oculus based technology is PC dependent and you need have a PC or windows based smartphone. Netflix has plans to develop the VR content soon. There is also a hope for iPhone users. If you have an iPhone, you can go to the iTunes and can download virtual reality applications from content providers such as Jaunt, Vrse and Ryot. Their app has the virtual reality player within it and you can play their beautiful content. They also give an opportunity to either see it with a head mounted display or you can see it in 2d or panoramic. VR content is either completely computerized like games or what is really new is the cinematic VR experience. The game space is pretty matured market at this point.

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And the best ofgame content developers are gonna remain the best of the breed creators in the future. But cinematic VR is a whole new experience in which we are learning how to tell a stories in a different way and where do you edit, how do you cut, how do you introduce new scenes, how does the user move through the story, what roles do they play in creating the story. There is a whole lot of interesting thinking that’s going on with cinematic VR. Lufthansa has created some virtual reality content that is a cross breed that has both cinematic and computer generated objects within it. Lufthansa content is available at trava shows or wherever Lufthansa has the booth. They have a pod and you sit within it and you put the goggles on go on with the cinematic experience.


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