Gandhi Ji’s Principles of Non-violence


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This is such a right time to contemplate on this topic. How many times do we read in the newspapers, hear on radio and see on our TV screens, news about violence perpetrated on our fellow citizens on the basis of some religous views, on the basis of so called nationalism, how many times are we subjected to news about women being raped and subjected to violence and killed on trivial grounds like what they are wearing, or why they are out in the dark of the night, or serious grounds like questions of insufficient dowry. News media is full of news about politicians accused of corruption, income much higher than their legitimate sources of income, of self proclaimed religious gurus committing horrendous crimes involving rape and murder.

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One feels like shouting out on the top of one’s voice, what has happened to the world?Would all that is happening in today’s world be possible if we were following Gandhi ji’s principles?Gandhi ji who spent his whole life in the pursuit of truth, spreading the message of non violence, social harmony, living a life of principles, uplifting the underpvilged in society and standing up for injustice in every form and shape. He would definitely have lent his strong voice against the ills of our current society.

We should take inspiration from Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Aung Saan Su Kyi and our own Anna Hazare who drew inspiration from Gandhi ji. They followed the principles of Gandhi ji to achieve the aims of their lives and were successful. This is proof enough that Gandhi ji’s principles are not bound by time, but are relevant to all times, including today’s times. Gandhi ji believed in production by the masses rather than mass production. With the advent of internet and modern technology, this is more relevant than ever. Small set ups in fashion, brewing of choice beers, many niche products are today being marketed by common people all over the world. It does not matter where they are located, or where they belong to. No one asks who they are. It is the product that people are interested in. What a wonderful world it is. And Gandhi ji’s principle is being honoured.

Gandhi ji believed in spirituality first and foremost. Worldliness was secondary. In today’s world, if we adopt this principle, most of the ills of our present society, I believe, will vanish overnight. If we can reform ourselves, we will find that the world is reformed. Because Gandhi ji believed that be the change that you want to see in the world. Gandhi ji believed that the Earth produces enough for the need of all of us, but not for every man’s greed. Today’s hankering after greed by many of us has led to all sorts of social issues. Corruption, violence, social issues like family feuds or dowry, would all fade into insignificance if we followed Gandhi ji’s principle. We see tons of produce rot or wasted because farmers do not get the right price for their produce, to make their ends meet.

Hence, farmers committing suicide. Only if we take what we need, not what we desire to fulfil our greed, our supply and demand issues would be solved. Gandhi ji’s principle of simple living and high thinking can lead us out of many a sticky issues of today. It is so much more required today to follow Gandhi ji’s principle of taking care of our body and mind. For he believed that a great body only can house a great mind. Today, litigation seems to be the norm to solve even political issues. Gandhi ji would have used Satyagraha. Anna Hazare ji has shown us that Satyagraha is as much valid today as it was when we were fighting for our independence. Mobilising the masses Anna Hazare has brought about change, which would not have been possible through litigation. Definitely not in the time frame it has been achieved. Even today, civil disobedience is as much applicable as it was in Gandhi ji’s lifetime.

Following Gandhi ji’s principle of standing up for truth is definitely applicable today. We can achieve justice for all if we stand up for truth always not only when it is convenient for us. He was such a pujari of truth that he even called his Autobiography “ The Story of My Experiments With Truth”. His principle of non-violence gave India its independence. Some may disagree, but it is my firm belief that his movement of non-violence and satyagraha played a major part in the struggle and achieving of India’s independence. If non-violence can unseat a great world power, it can definitely meet head on today’s ills. Our own Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji has shown what the right leadership can do. Gandhi ji believed that right leadership is most essential to motivate and mobilise the masses. It is as applicable today, as it was when Gandhi ji employed it.It is my view that Gandhi principles are very much relevant in today’s world.

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