Gap Between Rich and Poor: Good Impacts and Bad Influences

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Disparity problem affects a variety of things and people, sometimes to the world and there will be good impacts and bad influences as well; about gap between rich and poor. I would like to write about the influences they have on this time.

First of all, I would like to write about Inequality drives this problem growth. It's one of merit for the economy. Some expert says that rising levels of economic inequality correlate with economic growth. In 1979, the Chinese government introduced several new programs designed for economic improvement. After that, the Chinese GDP annual growth rate rapidly increased from 5.3% in 1979 to over 15% in 1984. Some observers argue that correlations promote economic inequality in various ways. incentives are greater for innovation and entrepreneurship when inequality is pronounced. The less-wealthy members of a society work harder, create new businesses, or invent new products to become a member of the highest income group. On the other hand, when the gap between income levels is small, those in lower-income groups have less of an incentive to move up in income.

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On the other hand, there are several bad influences. Its Inequality stifles growth. A high level of economic inequality means a higher level of poverty. Poverty is associated with increased crime and poor public health, which places burdens on the economy. Wealthy citizens maintain disproportionate political power compared to poorer citizens. A widening rich-poor gap tends to increase the rate of rent-seeking and predatory market behaviors that hinder economic growth. Growth is suppressed in economically unequal societies, by the decreasing availability of investments for human capital.

Thirdly, inequality decreases health. The impoverished members of society are subject to disproportionate occurrence rates of certain kinds of illnesses. Access to quality health care and healthy food is sometimes limited or unavailable for poor individuals. Food deserts are a unique characteristic of economically unequal societies, characterized by the lack of readily accessible healthy and affordable food. Food deserts occur in several heavily industrialized Western nations, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In industrialized Western nations, the lack of access to fresh foods is associated with disproportionate obesity and diet-related disease rates among low-income households. Americans living in the poorest neighborhoods are more likely to be obese than Americans living above the poverty line. Additionally, individuals living below the federal poverty level are two times more likely to die from diabetes.

In conclusion, there are several good impacts and bad influences on this problem gap between rich and poor. Even if you are wealthy or poor, if you are a man or woman, you can be in a strong position or a weak position in either position. And this problem should be solved right now, but it not can be solved. There are lots of solutions, but nobody can stop disparity and this problem cannot be solved at all. 

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