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Gender discrimination is prejudice based on the gender of the individual. This discrimination may arise from distinctions regarding psychology, biology, and cultural norms that are prevalent in the society. The different experiences of the male and female genders go across many domains. These include personality, education, careers, interests, life expectancy, family life, and even political affiliations. Gender inequality and discrimination are present all around the world and affects non-binary people, too.


Gender discrimination is rooted in the differences between men and women in society. It exists as long as society and results from social constructions of relations. Such social constructions can stem from many things including biological gender differences such as the ability to breastfeed, as well as sexual divisions of labor.


The world has a massive history of gender discrimination, a lot of which is still present in some form. American women did not have the right to vote till 1920 because of their gender, and their citizenship was vested in a husband or a father until 1934. This was all due to the fact that they were born female. Societies of the past have decided that there’s something inferior about producing offspring and being a woman. As a result, women have suffered tremendous discrimination over the years – and many still do today.


Gender inequalities and discrimination exist in all parts of the world, but there’s a huge variation nowadays. Most countries have laws in place that protect the human rights of all people regardless of their gender. Still, some countries do better than others in giving women their rights. Nordic countries, for example, have a gender gap in labor participation of around 4%. OECD countries have 12%, while Italy has 20%. Gender equality is greatly affected by different policies as well as education.

Key Quotes
  • “Achieving gender equality requires the engagement of women and men, girls and boys. It is everyone’s responsibility.” - Ban Ki-Moon.
  • “It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.” - Emma Watson.
Interesting Facts
  • "On average, women worldwide spend more than twice as many hours as men doing work they are not paid for. Yes, this is happening today, and it includes work done at home, childcare, cleaning, cooking, etc. In India, a woman will spend around 6 hours every day performing unpaid work, and men will spend a maximum of one hour.
  • Even today, 113 countries don’t have laws that ensure equal work and equal pay among men and women. Even 104 countries make some jobs off-limits based on gender. In 39 countries in the world, there are laws that prevent women to inherit the same proportion of assets from their parents as men."
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