Gender Inequality: Are There Any Positive Changes

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I agree to a great extent that 21st century discord is based largely on the increasing levels of political, social and economic inequality evident across the globe. Gender inequality can be defined as not giving equal opportunities to people because of their biological sex. As Emma Watson has stated in the past “We want to end gender inequality - and to do that we need everyone to be involved.” This essay about gender inequality provides an outline for examining the pervasive disparities, social constructs, and systemic biases of our century.

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Let's look at the bigger picture. When was the last time we have had a female president? Or better yet would a woman even be elected to run for presidency in the first place? More often than not female politicians are seen as incapable as many people believe that they are unable to make the stuff calls. Hillary Clinton, the first woman in US history to be a nominee of a major political party was not elected as president despite being far more qualified for presidency than the current president Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been making countless controversial and offensive tweets about “Making America great again”, similarly to Helen Zille who served as the leader of the DA who was suspended for making controversial tweets about colonialism. All in all, Zille was an outgoing leader who challenged the majority of the government on a number of conflicts not forgetting that she was a favourite among the people. While I am not justifying her actions this is simply to show how quick we are to dispose of women in power when they act with dishonour compared to men, one of them being Donald Trump who continues to act in the same unjust manner. Another powerful woman who was an anti-apartheid activist who many considered ‘Mother of the Nation’ is Winnie Mandela and although there is no denying that she did her fair share of wrongs she was a powerful symbol of the fight for justice and equality because of the fact that she refused to confine herself to society's norms of how women should behave in comparison to men.

Social inequality refers to how men and women are treated within their sociology. Many strong and independent women are looked down upon for working because people see it as them abandoning their family and their ‘household duties’. While women who are housewives are belittled and referred to as ‘slaves’. Whereas working men are praised for their hard work and not working isnt even seen as an option. With regards to their behaviour: when a man acts in a promiscuous manner they are glorified but when a woman acts in this manner she is slut shamed and humiliated. Women are also overlooked when in relation to success, an example of this is the movie ‘Hidden Figures’ where three highly intelligent women are shown as the brains of the plan when trying to launch John Glenn into the orbit but they have gotten no recognition until recently.

Dating back to Roman times many more men owned land than women. Women often have little to no control over their household assets and decisions as men do. Over 14% of small businesses turn women away as they are afraid of facing discrimination factors. It is significantly more difficult to find employment for women as many companies are not prepared to pay for their maternity leave. As well as when these mothers return from their maternity leave they are often treated in an unruly manner and experience hostility from their co-workers. Not forgetting drastic gender pay gap and the stigma that is attached to STEM careers as women are more often than not devalued and undermined as many believed they are too weak to work in fields that require hard labour and creative thinking that many think come more easily to men.

Although, as of recent more television shows offer equal pay for equal work one of them being ‘Fosse/Verdon’ this has drawn many people's attention as they more people will want to be apart of something this revolutionary. More people have started challenging the gender norms by speaking out against the way the media portrays boys and girls. Lastly more parents and guardians are raising their children as gender fluid so more children are able to choose how they would like to be perceived.

While these are steps moving towards the right direction it does not solve gender inequality in its entirety as their is still a large amount of people who do not believe nor want to achieve this as a whole. We have to do more politically, socially and economically to be able to create a society free of discrimination.

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