Gender Inequity and Education for Sustainable Development in Tertiary Institution

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Despite continued efforts toward gender equality and sustainable development that is supported by the government of Uzbekistan, there are still many things left to do. And especially it concerns women living in region where their rights are discriminated violently and unfortunately women accept it as a rule and it was soaked into their awareness that they are lower than men and to change this concept request hard work and deep knowledge.

About 26 years Uzbekistan is independent country, but unfortunately we still lack in many spheres. Notions about traditional role of women, connected to motherhood, children and family, are prevalent and are often at odds with women’s public role in political office and business. Such patriarchal values have become more pronounced in the last 20 years. Women lack full or equal participation in economic or political aspects, they are engaged in unpaid housework and struggle to make ends meet; thus there is room left to fill the gap by building up the capacity of women. “Violence against woman”- occupying them with all domestic tasks, discrimination in education and against sexual minorities, early marriage, financially limitation and etc-which are serious threat to human rights, is stronger in regions and women face to challenges more often than in towns. I think follow tradition is important but it is equally important to enter modern life. Revising all these issues existing in my country and considering my work in Uzbekistan Teachers Association, now I feel strong confidence that pursuing master degree abroad is very important for me and for my country.

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As ex-president of USA Baraka Obama said: ”… if a country is educating its girls, where women have equal rights that country is going to move forward. Education is a silver bullet for empowering women and girls worldwide” and I totally agree with him. I think it is time to make changes. It cannot continue like this. Moreover, with the deepening of economic globalization, polarization, and the growth-oriented industrialization women can also play significant role in solving many issues existing in our country. It is statistically approved that the number of women exceed the men and survey shows that the girls have the same potential intelligence as men. Approximately 502002 women work ( mostly in education and medicine) and only 0,27 percent of them are engaged in leadership activity. We are losing number of clever minds due to old conception and stereotypes of many people. While the education gender gap is a global challenge, its root causes are often local, but they call for international solutions.

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