Gender Pay Gap: a Big Issue

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Are Women who always suffer? Well, yes by reading the title you must be thinking, “OH, what rubbish? We are living in the 21st century where everyone is equal”. Yes, I agree that conditions for women have certainly improved: they get equal status, equal salary, and equal respect. But, I think that is the reality only in newspapers and magazines. If you still don’t believe me go ask a woman labor who is repairing your local road, ask a maid who is working in your society or a female worker who is working in the factory, they will give you the true answer on how much women are suffering. Women in low society are suffering in every sector but the most highlighted one is when it comes to paying the difference. Women in India, are paid 40%less than men. Why? Is it because they do more work than men or is it because they are multi-talented. The true answer is that they are just simply a “woman”. 

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Many factors contribute to this difference, which needs to be noticed and should be changed. The first factor includes the quality of education which girls get at their primary age. IN India, most of the villages are school-free zones. The over-concerned society or I should say the “over-biased” society in villages sends their dearest sons to school in cities and keep their girls caged in the house to sweep and to cook. And when it comes to the time when men and women go to seek employment, Men end up getting huge pay for the same amount of work while women end up having pennies. Thus, girls getting no education are the foundation of women getting fewer wages than men. 

Second Factor which is the most vacuous is orthodox discrimination. Discrimination between men and women is going for ages and even in the 21st century, it exists. People still believe in that old–fashioned norm that women are only meant to be at home and they are on this Earth just to cook and that only men could be the breadwinners of their families. This perception is the strongest reason behind the gender pay gap. 

Occupational Segregation is again a dominating factor behind the difference in the pay gap. Women are thought of as weak and thus are given minimal tasks for which the wage is magnificently low. This again is due to the strong perception which people of India have built over the years that women are like a glass bottle: Fragile and Spineless. 

The fourth factor is the safety of Women. You might have heard a very common statement that “India is not a safe place for women”. This still is a fact and we do have to learn how to eradicate this problem but this has prevented many women to go out and work. Instead, women are compelled to do the same work from home which men do from their office. This results in women getting low wages and salaries than men. 

The fifth factor which women from every status and society face are to fight against the patriarchal power. In rare cases, women gather the guts to raise their voice against this pay gap difference but they end up being tortured and in most severe cases are locked inside the bars. This further increases the pay gap difference. Well, Thanks to Indian politics for this gesture. Yes, women are the one who suffers. People say equality exists but I say it does not. I want to ask all those who say that “Oh women are equal to men”, Why this pay gap exists, why women are paid 40% less for the same work they do than men, Why women are given pennies while men earn a three-figure wage for the same work, Why women are not paid for leaves they take while there is no deduction for men. It’s high time we need to change our perception as Women are just not meant to be at home But they are here to win over the World They are not fragile as glass But they are bold as diamonds.        

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