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Gender Stereotypes in a Relationship: Is It Okay For a Boy to Cry

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Depression can be classified in many ways. For some, it is just consequence of negative social elements while these participants are rejecting any individual features or vulnerability which can contribute to the depressive scene. For some depression is articulate clearly in natural terms, “On the one hand, it was liberating. I´ve got a feeling that I am OK; I just have a mechanical imbalance in my brain.”

Biological understanding usually help to externalize the depression experience; the more profound have faith in the science of despondency is, the more inconvenience free it looks.

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Man get depressed for several reasons:

  • When they become jobless
  • When their loved ones betrayed with them
  • Sometimes they become emotional when their favorite sport team losses on the match
  • When they get rejected from the job, friend or their better half

Because of such depressing things, men get emotional. But in our country, this thing is called “Yellow-Belly”.

In our country, the social perspective of ‘don’t cry’ behind a boy is “ A boy can’t cry, he should act like a man”. Especially, grandparents force a boy not to share their emotions by crying or don’t act like a girl.

Even though, a school going boy face these things from their friends. For example, A 12-year-old guy got his sports match’s result, he didn’t qualify for the final match. He felt depressed. Why didn’t he get a chance to play the final match? What was his fault? What is the lack behind of him that he couldn’t play the final match? This kind of questions/thoughts made him cry. His friends came and said that “Are you crying for this match results? Don’t cry. You are not a girl. Boys don’t cry.”

Now, the question is, if a boy gets into a depression, why they can’t cry in a public place? Why do they need to hide their emotions from people? If they cry, why they get a title from their friends or other people “ Yellow-Belly”.

The answer is, ‘Our Social perspective’. When a boy can’t control their tears, they immediately think that people around him now laugh at him, if they see tear is coming out from a guy’s eyes. Which is totally wrong. In a survey, we found that two out of three people get depressed and can’t share their emotions in a public place or in front of their friends or relatives.


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