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Generation Z and Generation Gap

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Have you ever felt that your mom, dad, or grandparents can easily misunderstand you, or simply have no idea of what concept or things you’re talking about? New generations like Generation Z prefer things that are convenient and fast, while other generations view this behavior as laziness. Older generations will stick to traditional ways to solve problems, but younger generations will go for the short cuts when it comes to solving problems. Younger generations are better at multitasking than older generation, but at the cost of shorter attention span. Generations differ from each other in a lot of different ways, and this can often cause some misunderstandings.

Quick Speed

Younger generations love convenience and quick speed, or laziness for the older generations mind. For example, texting, instead of typing “be right back” or “got to go”, we would type “brb” and “gtg”, because typing that would be quicker. This is a quick and effective way to communicate through texting, or being lazy to type the whole thing. Sometimes this can confuse people, for instance, “np”, it could mean “no problem” or “nope”. Times like this can make people confuse and misunderstand the short version of these texts.

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Shortcuts to Problems

Problem solving skills are important for people of all ages, but the different generations will take different approaches to solve it. Maturists and baby boomers use old methods to solve problems, for example practice makes perfect. While young generations create shortcuts to problems, like formulas for math, and apps to buy things from the internet instead of going to the store. Older generations will need to adapt and learn to use these shortcuts to make their lives easier. On the other hand, new formulas that replace older ones will confuse older generations when tey are teaching younger generations like math.

Multitasking and Shorter Attention Span

Young generations are better at multitasking than older generations, but this often causes older generation to say that they have shorter attention span. Young generation likes to do things quickly, so they will do two things at once to lessen the time spent working. The ability to multi task is a useful skill to work quickly in this fast paced world. Older generations view this as short attention span, because younger generations are impatient and want things done quickly. When older generations lecture the younger generations, it may cause conflict because younger generations may view this as a waste of time or using time to shame them.


Generation differs from generation, and there could be confusion between each generation. Convenience and quick speed are valued to young people, but viewed as laziness to older people. Generations have different ways and methods to solve problems, but this may cause conflict on which way is easier for young generations. Short attention spans are the cost of being able to multi task, but old generation prefers them to focus on one task at a time. This gap between generations will continue to widen, but we can do our best to understand one and another.


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