Genetically Modified Food Should Be Banned

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Genetically modified food is known as creatures (i.e. animals or plants) in case that the genetic material has been changed in a manner that does not happen normally by mating as well as characteristic recombination this process is known as gene technology, which allows the selection of individual genes to transplant from one creature into another. The first genetically modified food agreed to be released was the Flavor Savr tomato in 1994 (Bawa& Anilakumar, 2013). Genetically modified food is organisms that being under laboratory tests to achieve specific characters it is happed by adding more genes to a genome (Fernandez, 2014). Genetically modified foods have seeped into the daily diet. According to experts, roughly60–70% of processed foods in the United States contain hereditarily altered components. The most regular genetically engineered foods are soybean, maize/corn, tomatoes, rapeseed oil, potatoes, rice, cranberries, raspberries, walnuts, and papayas. In this way, normal nourishments containing corn or high-fructose corn syrup breakfast cereals, snacks, soda, soybean, and canola oil could have hereditarily altered (Ogwu, 2019). This essay will argue that genetically modified food should be banned for many reasons such as increasing pesticide use and diminishes the adequacy of an antibiotic and it will be illustrated in detail.

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There are many points according to studies says that people do not need GM and it should be banned. For instance, the apparition of food emergency has brought up significant issues about future bearings for farming and given a new driving force to a long-standing discussion about the potential commitment of rural biotechnology to nourishment security. While acknowledgment of GM produces and sustenance’s at the government and industry level has not prompted business selection in the UK because of customer prohibition and the impact of EU guidelines, so GM foods will not solve the food issue. (Dibden et al, 2013) Another problem with GM is that GM crops will increase pesticide use, US government information demonstrates that in the US, GM crops have created a general increment, not diminish, in pesticide use contrasted with customary crops (Benbrook, 2009). “The promise was that you could use fewer chemicals and produce a greater yield. But let me tell you none of this is true.” (Christison, 1988), and GM nourishment have not been showing to be safe to eat, genetic modification seems to be an unreliable and unclear way of incorporating foreign genetic material (for example from viruses, bacteria) into harvests, with capricious results. The resulting GM foods have undergone little rigorous and no long-term safety testing. Notwithstanding, animals tests Have demonstrated that GM sustenances have toxic effects, including abnormal changes in organs, immune system disturbances, accelerated aging, and changes in gene expression. Very few investigations have been distributed on the immediate impacts on People eating GM nourishment. One such investigation found unforeseen results for gut microscopic organisms, however, was never followed up (Hines, 1993; Pusztai, 2000).

Researches from scientists and universities proved that (having characteristics that were changed by people) food should be illegal because GM foods cause many health problems such as GMO harvests may cause germ-killing substances (blocking things). Examine demonstrates that when crops are changed to incorporate anti-microbial and different things that eliminate germs and rats, cockroaches, etc., it reduces how good an antibiotic or other drugs when it is demanded in the usual sense. Since the food contains follow measures of the antibiotic when ate, any life forms that would be influenced by a solution anti-microbial have built to it, which can make a sickness harder and harder to fix (Key et al, 2008). Another reason why should be banned is that some genetically modified nourishments may exhibit a cancer-causing agent presentation risk. An examination demonstrated that crops tolerant to business pesticides enormously expanded the danger of malignant growth advancement in rodents. The data from this examination study about, however, constrained, has been broadly coursed and makes the feeling that all GMO nourishments are possibly risky (Williams & Weisburger, 1986), animal proteins could be influenced by GMO crops. By far most of the core crops in the US that are developed are GMO crops. These products are then increased to controlled animals, water life, and apiculture, which affects staple products that depend on animal proteins. GMO fixings can be found in milk, fish, eggs, and creature muscle fact, even honey can have GMO fixings when honey bees are bringing pollen from one plant to another hereditarily changed harvests to deliver it (Pusztai, 2001) GMOs make superweeds. On the off chance that nature understands how to complete one thing great, it is to adjust. As yields have developed progressively strong to weeds, the weeds have become more grounded and stronger to the synthetic creations connected to them that attempt to murder them. Along these lines, a few ranchers have depended on using fixings, for example, 2, 4-D, which is one of the extremely important fixings found in Agent Orange. The US Veteran’s management has a big list of possible infections related to Agent Orange introduction, with a lot of them being sicknesses (Aktar et al, 2009) and GMOs create superbugs.

As pesticides are connected to insects that give a risk to crops, a couple of them will, in general, tolerate the application. Each resulting age turns out to be stronger than the pesticide. That hints either more should be connected or a more grounded specialist should be connected. When something more grounded is set on the harvests, the cycle of versatility starts once more. The risk of flexible superbugs that could destroy whole croplands without being influenced by a pesticide could lessen food supplies instead of expanding them (Añino, 2015).

Although genetically food should be banned but it has some advantages that people could not ignore, for instance, a long life span and it remains fresh during transportation and storage, which means there is sufficient food to feed almost every growing population, furthermore. It is affordable one of the greatest impacts that the use of GMOs has had on our consistent life is the costs of production and different nourishment. Since more harvests can be yielded, the costs can be much lower. However, there are drawbacks to relying on a lot of heavily processed foods. Whole foods and those that are only minimally processed, like frozen vegetables without any sauce, tend to be better for your health, and even if it is affordable that does not mean healthy (Lusk et al, 2006).

Another advantage that GM innovation is accepted to realize is that harvests can be designed to survive climate limits and mood change, which hints that there will be great quality and enough yields even under a poor or serious climate condition. As population over the world develop and more lands are being used for lodging rather than food generation, ranchers are started to develop crops in areas that are initially not appropriate for plant development, and refined plants that can withstand high salt substance in soil and groundwater, also extensive stretches of the dry season, will enable them to develop solid yields (Latsch, 2007), Bigger Production

It has been simpler to raise crops that are classified as genetically modified because the majority of their precedents have more grounded capacity to oppose pests. This characteristic helps ranchers with creating more noteworthy measures of yields or nourishment (Grossman& Helpman, 1991). More Income, with things the person gets from his parents’ genes building, farmers will have more salary, which they could spend on significant things, for example, the education of their children (Fajgelbaumy, 2011). Less Deforestation, to do enough to give food to the developing population of the world, deforestation is demanded. Nonetheless, with GM animals and yields, the use of this technique will be limited. This would reduce carbon dioxide in the environment, which would moderate an Earth-wide temperature boost (James, 2011). The stopping in Food Prices, Due to higher yield and lower costs, food costs would go down. As people in less fortunate nations spend over the part of their salary on nourishment alone, this implies a programmed decrease of destitution (Lusk et al 2004). New Products, New sorts of yields are being created to be developed at extraordinary atmospheres, for example, those present in dry or solidifying conditions. For instance, researchers have built up another sort of tomato that grows in salty soil. Another great revelation in hereditary designing of plants is the prohibition of the quality in charge of caffeine in coffee beans, making decaffeinated coffee beans, which would then be able to be developed normally (Curtis, 2004).

The main findings from this essay suggest that there are several reasons why genetically modified food should be banned. It is optional for everyone to choose their lifestyle either it is healthy or not as it has pointed out you could have medicine without its effect which may hurt people’s life. A lot of people would like to save money and they are not bothered to buy fresh food therefore, some contagious diseases may spread. Finally, the pesticide could affect the environment the extensive use of pesticides in agricultural production can degrade and damage the community of microorganisms living in the soil particularly when these chemicals are overused or misused. The full impact of pesticides on soil microorganisms is still not entirely understood; many studies have found deleterious effects of pesticides on soil microorganisms and biochemical processes, therefore, it may seem reasonable to stop eating them. 

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