Genre - As A Form Of Communication Between A Speaker & An Audience

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“Bedford Book of Genres” defines genre as how the speaker decides to respond to certain rhetorical situations that they are being presented with at the moment. The book disclosed a several instructors such as Carolyn Miller, who elucidated genre as a ‘form of communication between a speaker and an audience.’ It implicated what is called a ‘social interaction.’ Genre can make an individual a much better writer and artist because they will be more concentrated, or involved, on the main purpose.

Moreover, genres are known to be characterized by change that is persistent, or dynamic. Genre is operating in our day-to-day life some through, for example, academic genres that may include research papers and presentations that we complete inside the classrooms. An additional example of genre that is used in our everyday lives is through comedy; we laugh, and we enjoy making other individuals laugh.

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Each genre has its own motives, role, strengths and weaknesses; therefore, each tends to influence the point in a miscellaneous, or diverse manner. In addition, speeches, such as presidential speeches, journals, blogs, essays, current news articles (both digital and physical copy), and textbooks are all genres because they each use a specific style and rhetoric way to accomplish different goals and reach different audiences. In a similar way to movie genres, genres have subgenres that may contradict in such ways of rhetorical analysis and its approach. However, these subgenres may possibly, sometimes, take the nature of other genres to be successful in a comparable way.

Genres can be a considerable outcome within apprehending and relation process to the work and the understanding of one’s own circumstances. It can make finding the purpose, the tone, and appeals you would want to use fast. Genre authorizes us, as readers, to an extensive comprehension of what may happen, and what the audience might expect from the writer itself. A common example in which I believe I relate to on a personal level is the genre within music.

This suggestion of genre is at work every day in our present lives, and it is everywhere surrounding us. Music appears to be presented in numerous forms of genre, but I particularly interact the most with dance/electronic music. I assume that the concept of genre within writing is ultimately the same to genre in dance/electronic music since the lyrics to certain songs, for instance, “Wake me up” by Avicii, are able to ascertain a story and are meant for a specific audience with the motivation that is meant to stimulate several types of emotion, from pleasure to happiness, and more. This specific genre of dance and electronic music targets an audience of young adults in their teens to their late 20’s or so.

In addition to the satisfaction and enjoyment that the genre of music dispenses to us individually, it also links us to the world and it is a universal language being heard anywhere around the world in a way that may answer and correlate to our mutual and discrete emotions being felt. When listening to music, I neglect all the problems that surround me at the moment and I begin to live in a universe full of fantasy in a way that it can induce some pleasurable feelings. When we centralize our focus on the beat and the lyrics of the music, many areas of the brain are being initiated. Additionally, it involves those that tend to be related with awareness, observation, planning, motion, and memory.

It changes our brain chemistry and the way, or perspectives, in which we view the world in or face any current, recent, or even past issues as well. Listening to music we enjoy stimulates the release of dopamine that makes us feel rewarded. I personally consider music to be the only thing that can change everything. For instance, the way we see the good, the bad, and a lot more. Through listening to the genre of music, I believe that it can modify the way individuals think what people do and undertake at certain moments, and the way they manage to do things. Music is a gateway into changing the way a person is. I have listened from hundreds to thousands of hours of music of all kinds, and it is clear to a certain level that I know that it can make your day. In other words, it can change your mood and make you feel free.

I feel that music can change the way we think, interact, or even perceive. In addition to this, depending on my mood, there are certain songs that I would only listen to when I am feeling sorrowful, angry or disappointed, or happy or simply have music in the background as a way to concentrate while I am completing any homework or studying for a test. If you think about it, every song, whether it falls under the category of country, dance electronic, hip hop, pop, and more, has its own characterization. I presume that music is something that can make an individual feel all kinds of emotions, as previously stated.

The way we appreciate it is up to the person, but the main purpose of listening to music is so that everyone should do just that; simply appreciate and treasure it. I am fully aware that I will continue to be love and acknowledge the genre of music for the rest of my life. Listening to music inspires me, on a spiritual level, to close my eyes and imagine all the possibilities and opportunities that may stand in front of me.

However, music, in a way, can do whatever you want it to do for you. It may assist you to comprehend the way things work, and help you deal with it. In the song “Wake Me Up” by Avicii, the song lyrics:”Feeling my way through the darkness / Guided by a beating heart / I can’t tell where the journey will end / But I know where to start / They tell me I’m too young to understand / They say I’m caught up in a dream / Well life will pass me by if I don’t open up my eyes / Well that’s fine by me,” the sentiment is celebrating the certainty that we should see life as a journey and not just as a destination and that sometimes being alert while at the same time showing discretion to the outside world is mainly the best thing one can do.

There is absolutely nothing erroneous with being a dreamer, because, as we all know from our childhood experiences, dreams can and do come true. Many people tend to believe that dreaming is a waste of time, but it is not, particularly if the dreams seem to be an escape from reality that may seem strident. The chorus to the song “Wake Me Up” is unforgettable, and its lyrics sound very simple, but they are exceptionally strong, and they leave a touchy effect on the individual. The singer, Aloe Blacc, main purpose in writing the lyrics to this song is to essentially sing about how experience is making us who we are today. Blacc expresses that the exclusive way to know what life truly is, is to live it. At times, that demands thinking in a creative way and live it inside your mind.


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