George and Lennie's Friendship Through the Novel

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This sentence helps show imagery of what the characters are wearing. It shows that both of the characters are looking for a job, because of the clothing they are wearing. They use this sentence to help introduce the characters and talk about their features. The novel also talks about how George is small and has sharp features and how Lennies’ face is shapeless and he is tall and huge. They both have opposite features and it shows how opposite attracts because these two characters have been together before they were looking for jobs. It shows how George has the brains and Lennie has the brawns.

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This sentence helps shows Curley’s tone towards George and Lennie. His fone is arrogant because of how he is getting ready to punch Lennie. It shows that both George and Lennie might have some conflict with Curley since he is the boss’s son and he doesn’t like big guys. It shows how the first thing Curley does is to give a negative impression to them because of how insecure he is. Later on, in the book, it shows why he is insecure because of how he has a wife that walks around the ranch talking to the other workers.

It shows how Lennie was mesmerized by the woman. There is some sense of foreshadowing, because of the clothing she is wearing. In the first few pages, they got in trouble because Lennie was touching a woman’s dress because of how soft it looks, which result in the lady being terrified and accused Lennie of rape. The same mistake might happen in the future. This quote also shows what type of person Curley’s wife is. It shows how Curley’s wife tries to get their attention because of how lonely she is and how she wants to talk to the workers more than Curley.

This sentence shows how George already knows what Lennie likes. It shows the friendship between them because of how George knows what Lennie wants to do because of the years they went together. This sentence helps show the friendship George and Lennie have between them. Friendship is being able to have trust with your friends. Friendship is like an intimate bond between other people. They trust each other and they look for each other back. George and Lennie friendship plays a big role in the novel because of how it shows the bond between George and Lennie. The tragedy of the ending shows the relationship between George and Lennie. It shows what does two have been through, and now George has to kill his friend with his own hand because there is no other way he could think of to save Lennie from his mistakes.

This sentence shows Candy’s tone toward his dog. It shows how Candy started grieving, because of how he has that dog for years. It shows that Candy lost something precious to him. The people around him tried to cheer him up and give him a puppy, but Candy stayed on his bed doing nothing. Candy was also thinking about how he would get fired because of the disability he has, and how he is not able to do much in the ranch because he is old. It also shows how Candy’s dog was killed because it was old and it has no use. This gives many reasons why Candy is feeling this way, and why he thinks that he would get fired soon by the boss.

This sentence helps show how George and Lennie were talking about their desire to own some land so they can just live there with no one disturbing them. It sounds like an American Dream because of how George and Lennie will go try and work hard to fulfill their dreams to get some land and to tend some rabbits. Both George and Lennie both dream of different things. George dreams of living a life where no one is interrupting him and having some land and Lennie dreams of tending rabbits his whole life. This helps shows the exemplification of the American Dream. These are their American Dreams because of how it is their goal and they will try their best to try and reach their goals.

This sentence shows the depressing tone Candy has because of the life he is living in. Candy’s life in the novel shows how the elderly don’t have any jobs because of the disabilities they have. Candy was paid around $250 because he lost his arm in a farming accident and was given a job as a swamper. This shows the helplessness the elderlies have in the 1930s because of the handicaps they have. Seeing his dog made him feel like he will get fired from the boss because of how Candy’s dog outlives its purpose and it wasn’t able to do anything and had a lot of disabilities which shows that the dog can’t do any of the stuff it had done.

This sentence helps show how Curley mistakenly took Lennie’s expression as something else. It also shows how Curley is always trying to look at Lennie because of how he is the biggest one there. This quote also shows how Curley mostly has an arrogant tone when he meets Lennie because of how he is defenseless and he hates tall people. The reason why is because he believes that people who are taller than him, have a chance to steal his wife. This is an example of a power struggle that can be seen by the character Curley because of how he is short and dislikes men who are bigger than him, even though they are nice and are not harmful. Curley does this because of his insecurity. This shows why Curley is trying to show his dominance, because of his insecurities and the role he has in the ranch. He is also like that with his wife because of how he is always trying to look for because he is insecure about the other workers at the ranch. The reason why is because he thinks that they are flirting with her and he doesn’t like that.

This sentence shows how Crooks already know the reality of America. It also shows how Crook got an angry tone towards them because of how they are dreaming about getting land. It shows that Lennie and Candy didn’t experience the reality of America, especially Lennie since he doesn’t know anything about it because he is still like a kid in his mind, and all he cares about is tending the rabbits. Although Candy has live in the ranch for a long time he didn’t have some doubts about George and Lennie’s American Dream and it shows that Candy has a lot of hope about their dream. This quote shows how Crook must’ve known that the American Dream won’t work for them because of the experiences he had with other people having a similar dream George, Candy, and Lennie has.

This sentence helps show more of Curley’s wife and it also shows some flashback of Curley’s wife, which shows what she wanted to do before she met Curley. Curley’s wife talks about how she wants to be a movie star and it made her more human and less than jailbait. It shows how Curley’s wife is not there just to woo men and give them the eye. Curley’s wife talks about how she doesn’t like to live in the ranch and she doesn’t like Curley because of how he talks about punching someone he doesn’t like. This passage of the book help shows more about Curley’s wife and how she feels about the ranch and her husband.

The syntax help shows a visualization of what is happening to her. The structure helps show how much Curley’s wife is struggling against Lennie’s strength. The way it starts helps show that Curley’s wife might die. The sentence also shows some irony because of how Lennie got in trouble in the wee because he was touching the woman’s dress, and now he touch Curley’s wife’s hair because it is soft. It also shows the strength Lennie has and how afraid Lennie is right now because he doesn’t want George to get mad at him. This situation shows how Curley’s wife and Lennie have different expectations about this situation. This situation for Curley’s wife is that she is afraid of Lennie and thinks she might die because of him, and Lennie thinks that he is not hurting her and his mindset is trying to not get George mad.

This novel can also not be a tragedy because Lennie doesn’t know his own strength and is almost always holding back George because of his disability. His death is like mercy because of the accidents he had done, which results in him not running anymore and mad George does something he must do to put Lennie out of his misery. The novel Of Mice and Men is a tragedy because of how both Lennie and George both have a dream of having a farm together where no one is able to interrupt them and that they are able to have a bunch of animals and plants, so they can sell some stuff to buy liquor and have food. They would also have some rabbits for Lennie, so he could tend them because of how soft they are and Lennie won’t be able to accidentally kill it. In the end, George and Lennie weren’t able to live that dream together because of how George must kill Lennie out of mercy because of the stuff they have done together. It is a tragedy because of how that dream mad Lennie happy but wasn’t able to experience the dream he fantasized about.

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