George Washington Biography

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Washington is greatly known for being a part of the Founding Fathers. He can be seen as one of the most praised Presidents of his lifetime. He served as the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army and first president of the United States. At three major milestones in American History: the Revolution, the Constitutional Convention and the selection of the first President; he was chosen as the leader for each of these positions. George Washington wasn’t seen as the best person when it came to politics. He too was often held to political resentment and military enthusiasm. This passionate characteristic was displayed in his role as a leader. It is safe to say that social context can influence the way someone will behave and react in their element or in this case the US Army Commander in Chief. Many Americans along with numerous interviews and analysis portray him as being a charming, clean energy, physical size intimidating, ambitious and affectious Virginian. One main thing Washington lacked among other adaptive leaders of this time was intelligence. Not to say that he was uneducated, but compared to his peers Washington often got his ideas from others while at the same time able to compile analyze and make decisions after reviewing a compilation of all advice given to him.

Propelling Washington’s iconic role was his character and expertise in leadership. Usually when someone displays valor and seem candid those who he instructs will be more than likely to listen and follow through with orders issued by him. His subordinates trusted him and his genuineness showed that he was least likely to be corrupt in any way or pass judgement on anyone without proper guidance. Making him yet again adaptive leader in history.

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An adaptive leader in my opinion is someone who can take a step back see what he wants to accomplish in the future and create a vision board to procreate an extraordinary team of people to help him achieve his goal. With his outstanding leadership characteristics, he is able to share his vision with others and in return have a team that isn’t just working for him, but working for the betterment of their country with pride. With this energy involved beliefs and values are engineered, trust is also set amongst the ranks. In the end, an adaptive leader not only makes a difference when he is in the role but even when he is absent his actions can be looked over as a guide for future leaders in making decisions. Whether they are looking at his strategy and tactics, or goals and objectives an adaptive leader sets such an example that if followed by a person of similar characteristics can also yield success. On June 15, 1775, Washington was commissioned by the delegates to the Continental Congress unanimously in a meeting in Philadelphia to lead all the forces in the continent that were going to be deployed during the defense of American liberty. Due to his leadership qualities which resembles that of an adaptive leader aforementioned, along with his birthplace and knowledge of British points of contact beneficial to the win of the war, he was chosen. The delegates believed that their vision when compared to Washington’s was a match and the rise of conflict would be as minimalistic as possible. Washington became a transparent leader. Displaying the trust assisted him when controlling a free people and certain issues arrived. From losing New York City and close to losing New Jersey to having to deal with expiring enlistments with the mix up of the limiting lingo in the army’s time to be active according to Congress during that time. Washington was able to expand his troops and create a foundational organization that would become more permanent. Although many soldiers freaked when the idea of reenlistment came around.

Due to Washington’s exceptional service with his troops and how he was able to be caring while at the same time authorative many of the soldiers didn’t hesitate to hop on board and the assist the president with the fight. Another example can be seen in New Jersey in 1778, his charismatic leadership and his expertise in leadership as a battlefield tactical engineer allowed him to be hands on with his troops. Being right in the mix with the others soldiers showed them that he wasn’t entirely just a paper pusher or a man not of his word willing to fight the greater fight. Cornwall’s army had brought Washington’s troops to a rigmarole and in quick hope for retreatment and to call an end to the war. Washington made it his duty to be present on ground and boost the morale of his troops. Other officers saw this intellect and jumped on board. In the end he saved the cause from being sent to waste. This sent the British troops into retreatment because everyone started to pull their weight and with the exceptional leadership of Washington, they worked as a well-oiled machine. Washington’s demeanor from what was gathered is what many aspire to be able to be compared to, although it can be tough shoes to fill. His endowment to this country is exceptional. Washington’s morality was very high, he was unselfish in nature and had great self-control to know what he wanted and what he didn’t want for his forces. This was then coupled with his leadership genius and good gathered intellect from his peers which allowed him to outthink many of the other Founders. Washington is one man that never seemed to have hatred in his heart or disrespect any person that he came in contact with. Being a leader comes as second nature to any human who takes it seriously. Once a leader is born he never dies. There are many faults that Washington had, however I can’t imagine changing his actions or what he did due to the extenuating circumstances and quick decision making that evolved from Washington. He is ironically a great adaptive leader that many can look to as a guide of how to be successful in the commanding role.


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