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"Get Out": Movie Analysis

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Chris Washington is an photographer, who plays the character of Rose’s boyfriend, agrees to meet her parents, spending the whole weekend at their home, for a time of bonding. While driving to the estate a deer had jumped out in front of their car, in which they call the police to come to clean the incident. The officer on the scene asks for Chris’s ID, having known he was not driving at the point of impact and Rose was.

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Once they arrive at the country home Chris sees the housekeeper and groundskeeper, having tried to say hello they respond as if they were brainwashed and is then very suspicious for their actions. Chris is soon welcomed by Rose’s parents. Missy is the mother of Rose and is an recreational hypnotherapist. Dean, father of Rose is an neurosurgeon in which it foreshadows his capabilities. That night Chris acquires a difficulty to sleep and feels the need to go outside, in which smoking a cigarette will calm him. He sees Walter, the groundskeeper, sprinting intimidatingly with a face of pure anger and destruction then dodges him at the last second. Missy notices that Chris has left the house and begins to insist upon hypnotising him to cure his addiction.

Chris has now woken from the “sunken place” where he finds himself in bed, drenched in his own sweat and out of breath. He disregards the whole thing as a dream but comes to realize that it was real, as considering the thought of any nicotine now haunts him and makes him feel sick. Once the wealthy Caucasian friends and family members begin to arrive at the estate, these guests take an peculiar interest in Chris, complimenting things like bone structure and his physique, making him feel like he was livestock. While on route to planning his escape, Chris had found a small box within a secret cabinet, containing exquisite photos of black men (Rose’s previous lovers) and realizes how much trouble he has gotten himself into.

The entire family refuses to let him leave, leaving Chris with emotions of rage and survival. Rose then drops her cruel ploy, telling him everything was intended to use her father’s abilities, since being a neurosurgeon to make him become another family member. Roman, the founder of the Coagula, the main cult in which brain-switch procedures occur for their wealthy patrons, has taken possession over Walter. He then attacks Chris but Chris manages to break Walter’s hypnotic trance by using his phone to shoot a flash of light. Dying Rose attempts to shoot Chris but indefinitely fails and Chris tries to strangle her in an act of rage but decides to leave her lying down, gasping for breath. Rod has then arrived just in time to rescue his Chris from his inevitable fate.

They leave together to let Rose bleed to death on the driveway of the country home. My favorite part over the entire movie had to have been when Chris was resurrected and finally brought justice to the conclusion. The ending made the viewers caught in suspense as Rod had drove up to the crime scene, but little did we know it was Rod. Our first thought was that Chris was going to be booked as he was killing Rose during the event of the “cop car” driving down the road.

The alternative ending would have been too clique, and left the viewers expecting the worst and receiving it. All throughout the movie, it acquired great suspense traits, such as foreshadowing for future events. Some great examples are when Chris and Dean pass the stairs to the basement, Dean tells him not to go there because they’ve got a “black mold” problem or When Missy first offers hypnosis to fix Chris’ cigarette addiction, Rose defends his unwillingness by saying: “Some people don’t want strangers messing around in their heads”. Overall this movie gave me chills throughout and made one amazing film. I would highly suggest anyone who loves suspense and thrillers to watch this movie multiple times as you do not simply understand everything the first time.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?