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GG Allin – One Of The Most Scandalous Characters In The History Of Rock Music

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He was named after the renowned religious messiah Jesus Christ, however, he lived his life directly opposite to his namesake. GG Allin has bad records of being anti-authoritarian, he was known for his bad acts on stage where he demeaned a lot of his audiences. His behavior was linked to his psychopathic nature, however, he was good at his job until he died ultimately to a heroin overdose when he was just 36. Let’s look into the life of the man who the world dreaded his band yet gathered a crowd at his show.

GG Allin was born with the name Jesus Christ Allin on 29 August 1956. He, however, coveted the name Kevin Micheal Allin in 1962 after his mom changed it. The band rockstar was born in New Hampshire in Lancaster precisely to Merle Colby Allin and Arleta Gunther. His dad restricted his desires to socialize and had a strict order of no discussions at home once there it was nightfall which simply gives a link to why there are conclusions that he suffered from a Superiority complex. He had an older brother named Merle Jnr who is popularly known as Pinky.

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Merle Snr was said to have had a mental disorder which resulted in the divorce of his wife. After the divorce, Arleta relocated to St Johnsbury, Vermont where she raised the boys.

GG Allin didn’t do well academically which resulted in extra lessons and with the facts that he had a train line records of bullying other children at school. Who would blame him? Reasons being that he had his whole childhood leaving like a slave. He later attended Concord High School in Concord, Vermont. No one knows why he never attended college. We could say maybe he didn’t because he was ill-mannered or probably he never gave it a thought.

GG Allin was known as an American Singer, record producer, and a songwriter. The rock star started his music career alongside his brother Pinky during their days at school. He joined different bands and produced a lot of songs that had their lyrical contents based on life facts however they were all rationalized.

The rock star was a member of Little Sister’s Date in high school and further joined The Malpractice, The Stripsearch, and The Jabbers which he took interest in playing drums and was skilled in the act.

He released his debut album in 1980 titled Always Was Is And Always Shall Be. The weirdo further released other albums including Eat My Fuc (1984), Hated in Nation (1987), You Give Love a Bad Name (1987); which had one of the weirdest lyrical contents.

He further released his album titled Freaks, Faggots, Drunks, and Junkies. You could relate that the titles of the songs could give one a taste of the iceberg of its lyrical content. The weirdo later released his album War in My head- I am your enemy and the last before his demise was Brutality and Bloodshed for all, although he also released the album Anti-Social Personality Disorder which had its lyrical content based on his life stories.

Would you totally blame the rock star for his illicit acts? Would you push the blames on his psychopathic father? Or would you rather judge him from your perspective? Well, his life didn’t have a good tale, however, his weakness was from the fact that he was feeling inferior. He wanted to be heard and known and the only way he could attain those heights was being a weirdo.

He had several records of theft, drug abuse, rape and assault yet he still had fans around him. The rock star had series of court cases and he has been severally arrested. This could imply that our weirdo was good at what he does, however, he fed his desires wrongly.

His addiction to intoxicants couldn’t be a hidden fact because it led to his doom. He made a mess of himself everywhere he went due to his inability to control his bowel movement.

The rock star didn’t know that his last show would be on June 27, 1993, after he performed at The Gas Station club. He strolled to his friend’s apartment; Johnny Puke where they partied and consumed drugs. The rock star accidentally consumed a large proportion of heroin and became unconscious. He was pronounced dead in the early hours of the morning precisely on June 28, 1993.


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