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The book review that I have done is on The girl on the train. This book shows how one cannot be trusted due to betrayal. In the Novel most of the characters are involved in betrayal, some who have been betrayed and some who Betray other people. There are four main characters they are: Racheal, Scott, Megan, Tom, Anna and Cathy.

The Story starts on a Friday morning with the Protagonist, who is a female, who goes to work by the train every morning. The name of the protagonist is Racheal Watson. Every morning the train takes haul near a couple’s home, she calls those couple’s Jason and Jess, mainly because she doesn’t know their name. She gets really obsessed with the couple, by seeing how romantic they are. Racheal earlier used to live near the couple’s, on the same street as the couple’s did. Later she moved out, as it worked out that she was alcoholic and was unsuccessful to get pregnant. The epic likewise expresses that Racheal's significant other (Now ex) undermined her and gave her a separation. Later on Racheal comes to realize that Jess is engaging in extramarital relations with another man, and the couple which she thought was the ideal couple isn't the ideal couple as Racheal sees Jess kissing another man who isn't her significant other. Racheal, later likewise discovers the couple's genuine name. Jason as Scott and Jess as Megan. Seeing Megan with another man, Racheal chooses to contact Scott and disclose to him that Megan is taking part in an extramarital entanglement with somebody and kissing with the man. Megan also disappears after that.

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Racheal and Scott discover the man's personality with whom Megan engaged in extramarital relations with. It was Dr. Kaml Abdic, who obviously was Megan's specialist. Racheal and Scott choose to go to the police. The specialist likewise gets brought in for some doubting by the police. Whenever inquired as to whether he was taking part in an extramarital entanglement with Megan, the specialist differ that he took part in an extramarital entanglement with Megan. Be that as it may, Scott Racheal still presumed the specialist, they very still didn't have faith in the Doctor. At that point Racheal chooses to go to the specialist for treatment to check whether he ends up being liable. The specialist doesn't appear to be blameworthy, in certainty he ends up being a decent advisor. The specialist as an advisor, help Racheal with her issues, i.e. Drinking

Racheal tries to remember something happening under the underpass of the rail tracks. She tries her best to remember but she doesn’t seem to exactly remember what had happened, maybe it was due to her drinking habits that she forgot. But she recalls it to be her Ex-husband and his new wife Anna standing in the underpass. Racheal didn’t seem to forget and get over her failed marriage, and bothers Tom and Anna very often. Talking about Anna, Anna was the other lady when Racheal and Tom were as one. Anna loathed Racheal without a doubt, she additionally needed Racheal to be out of Tom's life, this may be the motivation behind why Tom undermined Racheal. She very didn't care for Megan as well. Perhaps because of the desire that she couldn't deal with (Scott and Megan were excessively sentimental).

Scott and Racheal later come to realize that Megan's body was discovered covered in the forested areas. Both Scott and Racheal were stunned when they hear this news. Anna who detests Racheal, endeavors to persuade that Racheal may have been the one that slaughtered Megan. Anna reports to the police that, Racheal continues stalking at Megan regular while she goes to work via train. Scott who, was close-by Racheal happens the listen that. Being disappointed, he gets frantic at Racheal for stalking. Scott, plastered and irate secures Racheal a room. Racheal is as yet frantic to get to the base of the case. In the wake of escaping the room, Racheal later chances upon a red haired man, whom Racheal knock on train, from the night Megan went out missing. Racheal can get subtleties of that night by taking to the red hair man. Through the data she had sorted out, she discovers that Tom (Racheal Ex-spouse) wasn't with Anna the night Megan disappeared, Tom was with Megan. Exactly when Racheal suspects that it was tom who may have murdered Megan, Anna finds a mystery telephone which was inside Tom's GYM pack. The mystery telephone that Tom had ended up being Megan's telephone. Anna and Racheal are shocked to see Megan's telephone on Tom's pack. The proof against Tom is developing quickly. Regardless of whether Anna and Racheal disdain one another, Racheal endeavors to encourage Anna and her child escape. Anna can't keep aside her aversion towards Racheal and can't run with Racheal.

Tom comes home and he reveals everything that happened from cheating with his wife Anna with Megan, and Megan getting pregnant with Tom’s baby. In the novel, Tom asked Megan to have an abortion. But, Tom did not know about the history of Megan and her problem with babies. When Megan was a teen she had a baby, but she Mistakenly killed the baby when she fell asleep in a tub. Then Tom asked Megan to have an abortion, hearing that, Megan got angry and frustrated. She started to Yell and expose their relation, to Anna and Scott. When Tom asked her to have an abortion, it touched her emotion and she got angry and yelled.

Tom had nothing to do than to keep her quite, he panics and kills Megan in fear of getting exposed.

Finally, after knowing the truth, Racheal runs away from Tom, mainly because she is afraid that Tom would harm her, but Tom attacks her. Racheal knowing nothing to do, makes a decision to stab Tom on the neck with a corkscrew that is used to open a wine bottle. Racheal was furious that Tom lied to her, Anna comes in the scene when Racheal stabs Tom in the neck. Anna seeing this also comes to help Racheal and stabs the corkscrew deeper into Tom’s neck.

At last Tom dies and his lies are also exposed. Out of all the characters Racheal, seems to be the happiest of all, being happy she takes a holiday to piece up all her thoughts and just imagine what should she do next in her life. This way the Novel ends the story

The Girl On the Train.

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