Giving Birth: Pro-Life and Pro-Choice

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  • Introduction
  • Topic Sentence 1.
  • Topic Sentence 2
  • Topic Sentence 3
  • Summary


Attention-getter (fact, quote, question, statement): "The concept of personal hood is different from the concept of human life." Thesis Statement (your point of view with three body points): Women should have the free will to decide whether they want to conceive. Many women choose the option not to give birth due to the lack of financial stability, being in a broken home and emotional unitability.

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Topic Sentence 1.

When you have a child, you must have enough income to take care of the child. Children require a lot of expenses as they begin to develop. Such as food, a one month year old is going to eat differently from a child who is six years old. Being financial stable is important because a child needs all the nutrients from food and food cost money. Sentence 2 idea: Clothing is another important aspect of financial stability. Children will always constantly grow and will need proper clothing. For instance, a girl would require more clothing than males due to her growth pace. Sentence 3 idea:Kids become very active by the age of one and two years old. Putting, kids in activity programs not only does it help the child's mind, however it develops the child physical activity. When you are finically stable you can access all the programs that a child would need. For, example Soccer, Hockey, Ballet and Dance class. By having a financial environment a child will always have the prior support he and she needs.

Topic Sentence 2

When a child comes into a broken home, the child is impacted in a psychological way. Sentence 1 idea: Children need a peaceful environment to come home to. When a child no longer feels safe and comfortable at home, the issues starts to deteriorate the mental state. A child becomes over anxious about little things. It also alters fears towards certain situations. Specifically, a child being nervous to play around other child. Sentence 2 idea: A disrupt at home has a major impacted on academic development. When a child comes to school there main focus should be at school. However if there is an issue at home a child is left with a burden of the problems at home. He or she will not be able to focus in class. Sentence 3 idea: When a child lashes out there are signs of problems at home. Kids will project and mimic anything they see. As proof, a child who see his mother being abuse on a day to day. Most likely, will have a lot of aggression issues. It's very crucial for an adult to be mindful of a child environment.

Topic Sentence 3

It is important to be emotionally stable when you have a child. If you're not emotionally stable it can take a tool on a child. When a child may ask you for something, if you are not in the right mindset you could hurt the child or yourself. A case in point, being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Sentence 2 idea: when you do not have a stable mindset you are pronoun to have a short fuse. Being angry at a child for no reason and becoming abusive to that child. Sentence 3 idea: when you are not emotionally stable you allow people in and out of your life. This is not healthy for a child to see. A child needs a foundation that consists with love and care. When a child sees someone in and out of their life, this will reflect the child on how they act as they get older.


In summary having a child is not an easy job, comes with a lot of responsibilities. Giving birth should always be the personal choice of a women. As women, we take full control of what comes in and out of our bodies. A child is always blessing, however a women who cannot provide a stable home, financial stability and emotional control. May not be ready to conceive a child.

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