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Global Crs 100 Companies: Times Warner and General Dynamics

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Times Warner: Time Warner is an American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate. The company has film, television, cable networks and publishing operations. Below are few of the reasons for the inclusion of the company in the Global CRS 100 list:

  • Giving back is part of the culture at Time Warner. Employees could take up to 40 hours off work every year to volunteer with the cause of their choice. As a result of which in 2016 they donated $10,000 to CNN’s Arwa Damon, who’s non-profit International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance (INARA), offers much-needed medical support for war-wounded children across the Arabic world, including Syrian refugees.
  • The Time Warner foundation, a private and a non-profit corporation that works to push the boundaries of artistic development has contributed more than $26 million to identify and cultivate the next generation storytellers. The Foundation has helped to launch the careers of many talented storytellers who would never had been given a chance.
  • “Making our Business Greener” (Time Warner Sustainability Content, 2014) was the environmental leadership attitude of Times Warner. They aim to increase their energy efficiency, use renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. They have begun accessing company-wide carbon footprint which now includes international owned and leased properties. This shows carbon productivity.
  • Improved efficiency in transportation and logistics which works to improve the efficiency of their shipping activities. Thus by managing transportation mode and service level use they focus on cost and fuel efficiency. They promote employee commuting programs which emphasizes environmental and health benefits. This shows energy productivity.
  • The company works to provide green feature film and television production. Seven films which they released were carbon neutral. And for the green television production “The Mentalist” used a mobile solar unit to power its base camp on certain location shoots during the 2010-2011 production season and B20 biodiesel was used to as fuel for vehicles and generators.
  • The company also frequently considers green building concepts. HBO’s communications facility in Hauppauge, New York, built in 2010 has a green roof and 80% of the building set below the ground level. Time Warner Company closely follows an interactive responsive behaviour. Time Warner believes in making their business greener. They have gone to the extent where the Time Warner Cable exceeds “GO GREEN” goal by reducing its carbon intensity by 38 percent. Planning and implementing carbon footprint and producing carbon neutral films have contributed to it. Acquiring LEED certifications to promote environment-friendly practices at company facilities throughout the country has increased the energy efficiency. (MarketWatch press release, Mar 05, 2015) Time Warner Cable also achieved a 14. 7 percent increase from 2012 fuel efficiency within its fleet of 20,000 vehicles by purchasing more fuel efficient vehicles. (MarketWatch press release, Mar 05, 2015)The “Volunteer Time Program”, a program which is structured and designed involving the stakeholders which provides employees 40 hours of paid time each year to volunteer and contribute to non-profit organizations. (Business Wire, Nov 6, 2017)Time Warner and its Divisions are committed to supporting and investing in a number of non-profits that support a broad range of artistic, cultural and humanitarian causes.

The Company also invests philanthropic dollars in funding organizations and initiatives that expand access and cultivate opportunities for diverse artistic communities around the country. Thereby providing employment and recognizing talent. (Business Wire, Nov 6, 2017)Time Warner also sponsors employees and their families and friends who participate in fundraising events such as the Bronx Zoo’s Run for the Wild. Funds from the run/walk event directly support the efforts of the Wildlife Conservation Society. (Business Wire, Nov 6, 2017)Time Warner has gone through a few negative publicity and the following are the press reports respectively.

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‘Time Warner pays the price for bad customer service’. They failed to understand the lifetime value of the customers. They should have taken better care of those who called in to complaint about outages or snow on their TV sets. The customer service people were not well trained and they were rude to the subscribers who called for service. Time Warner had lost the trust of public and it has been hard to get back ever since. (Business Insider, Jan 22, 2013)‘The AT&T and Time Warner merger hurts the consumers’.

By this merger consumers can expect more expensive options for home entertainment, mobile phone services, and other communications and TV-related aspects of their lives. (The New York Times, Jun 14, 2018)General DynamicsGeneral Dynamics is global aerospace and defence company. Their portfolio of products and services includes business aviation; combat vehicles, weapons systems and munitions; IT and C4ISR solutions; and shipbuilding and ship repair. Below are few of the reasons for the inclusion of the company in the Global CRS 100 list:

  • Implements a management system for environmental matters at each business unit that is compliant with the most current edition of ISO 14001. From 2014 to 2016 the greenhouse gas emission has been considerably reduced from 873,858 to 794,163 metrics tons CO2 equivalent. (General Dynamics-Responsibility, 2018)
  • General Dynamics runs an apprenticeship program Jet Aviation in cooperation with the Department of Education in the Canton of Basel, Switzerland, employing upholstery and polymechanic apprentices for three- and four-year terms. This program allows local youth to see first-hand numerous job options available to them.
  • All business plans and decisions involving design, procurement, production, facilities management and product support are integrated with environmental considerations. General dynamics Hayden facility was the first project to be certified under LEED for Existing Buildings. (Green Ideas, 2016)
  • They strive to be a leader in improving environmental quality, by minimizing waste and emissions, reusing and recycling, reducing the use of natural resources and promoting pollution prevention efforts throughout the company. They have a full service demilitarization program to reduce and recycle stockpiled munitions.
  • General Dynamics promotes volunteer initiatives program known as the NASSCO where multiple grants are offered to the employees based upon the number of hours they have volunteered. This encourages the employee to support the communities at a larger extent. General Dynamics closely follows an interactive responsive behaviour. General Dynamics which has been ranked among nation’s top five defence contractors in recent decades has expanded into government services — including work with the Department of Health & Human Services unit that cares for the 2,000 or so children taken from their parents under the Trump initiative (ctpost – Defence Contractor General Dynamics tied to border family separation, Jun 19,2018). This explains their care for the community without any discrimination. General Dynamics has gone through a few negative publicity and the following are the press reports respectively.


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