What Needs to Be Done to Tackle Global Environmental Problems

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Nowadays, environmental issues are the first place in the modern world. Anyone with unlimited power in nature uses it in a cruel way. As a result, the threat to survival comes from the natural environment, which is rapidly deteriorated by the effects of human activities. The planet’s resources are running and air and water are rapidly polluted. Fertile lands are turned into sand, while forest areas are decreasing day by day. The planet is literally filled with mountain trash and people not only destroy the planet but also cause other natural disasters. The main threats to human survival are global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, acid rain, green waste and the potential for accumulation of toxic and radioactive waste.

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All of these problems are not as sharp as other countries, but in general, humanity is concerned with these issues, and the problem is not a regional problem but a global one. Environmental conditions are, therefore, one of the most exciting and important social and economic issues of the day, fascinating human interests. The existing situation can lead to the destruction of the earth, and the main purpose of this paper is to emphasize the destruction caused by humans in the environment and show how they deteriorate over time. We also need to think about the various possibilities that can change the situation and what we can do to solve these problems and to maintain the life of our environment. The problem lies not only in the decline of public health, but also in the emergence of new diseases that are nowadays unknown. Many diseases are healed more hard than ever. Concerns about human health and the surrounding environment have therefore become the biggest problem in the world.

Today, the problem of depletion of natural resources is being actively discussed and the consumption of natural resources is rapidly increasing. For example, mankind uses about 13% of river runoffs and about 100 billion tons of minerals each year. Electricity production doubles every 10 years. As a result, the problems of mineral resources and the energy crisis lead to depletion of world oil and gas. Considering how to address this situation, it is important to emphasize that people need to improve their production methods to protect non-renewable mineral resources (25% of iron and non-ferrous metals, 50-60 of oil %, 40 Earth’s strata have their carbon content using current production methods.) People need to find out how to extract all the elements that ore contains more thoroughly and use minerals only by prescription.

The problem of preserving the gene pool of biodiversity, fauna and flora is very important in the conditions of life in the present age. The most important challenge facing mankind is to obtain biodiversity on the planet. Because all species are closely interconnected, the destruction of one species results in the loss of related species. Because the diversity of living creatures is the basis for the existence of the biosphere, it preserves all life on Earth and provides conditions appropriate for life on Earth. In recent decades, mankind has been actively seeking the best way to do business in order to do minimal damage to nature. Humans, like all biological beings, depend on the state of the environment. The environmental impact of human activities is constantly increasing and changing every year. Humankind faces important problems such as environmental sustainability.

In conclusion, the global nature of today’s environmental problems requires joint efforts by all countries to address environmental issues. Countries in one interdependent natural world can not prevent the pollution and degradation of the biosphere on Earth. Therefore, it is especially important to use international resources to comply with international agreements, so cooperation will be accompanied by confrontation. Everyone should remember that it protects the nature, and there is no doubt that the future of the children as well as the future of the earth as a whole depends on this fact. Therefore, it is necessary to conclude that all things have been taken into account and emphasized the major destruction caused by man in the environment. Over time, I understood how everything related to pollution gets worse. We have also mentioned a variety of ways to solve all these problems in a more efficient way.

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