The Evolution of Criminal Justice: Law and Criminality in Global Perspective

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Justification
  • Specific Objectives
  • Personal Perspectives
  • Local Perspectives
  • National Perspectives
  • Global Perspectives
  • Criminality, Laws and Implementation
  • Law Systems
  • Bottom Line
  • Awareness of Laws and Prevention of Crime


The law and criminality are enlaced each other because they have the purpose to oppose each other. The law is a system with the purpose to prevent the crime while the crime occurs if someone is against the Government´s system. Criminal law involves a system of legal rules designed to keep the public safe and deter wrongful conduct. Those who violate the law face incarceration, fines, and other penalties


I selected this topic because the perspectives of law and criminality has changed during the history till now and in many countries the thoughts that in all the cases the law is right and the crime is wrong are incorrect. In this project is necessary to show what are the perspectives of the law and criminality in the world by historical proofs and events.

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Specific Objectives

  • To understand what is the purpose of the law
  • To understand what is the purpose of the crime
  • To show what are my personal, national and global perspectives of law and criminality

Personal Perspectives

The law is a set of rules that establish and order in a Nation, this does not mean that the law is always right. In many cases the main problem of the law is that it is not applied correctly in each person who lives in the country so that means the crime only affect someone.

Most of us would consider ourselves innocent law-abiding citizens, but this is of course ignoring the mostly small crimes we commit regularly if not daily. If even the smallest act of crime was not over-looked, every one of us would be classified as criminals, including my family, friends and myself. Common offenses include stealing office supplies for personal use, littering, talking while driving among many other things. We all at one point or another have excused ourselves by saying certain laws don’t apply to us, or since everyone else is doing it, why must I not? This however, doesn’t really change the fact that we’re all quite guilty as law breakers, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Like with almost every other issue we created in the world, some of their causes are our pride and will to resist or not take seriously the authorities we have above us, whether the authority is good or bad and there is also people’s tendency to ignore, or twist the truth to one’s own preference and advantage.

Local Perspectives

Crime can have a very negative impact on local communities and society as a whole, with areas of high crime becoming isolated. People may start to stereotype individuals from areas of high crime, leading to social problems and a lack of opportunities. In Scotland, job losses in the 1980’s led to many communities losing a sense of identity and purpose, and crime levels in these areas often increased.

National Perspectives

The law and criminality is based in the Human Rights, and in the last years the law has been used to finish the terrorism in the country. The national´s perspectives of the law are very different from other countries because in many cases the corruption changes the law depending in the situation, that means that the crime changes too. As businesses and professionals leave the community, local government will miss the revenue generated by council tax and business rates. As the council budget declines, there may then be a reduction in services such as waste disposal, leisure facilities, and even schools because the council does not have enough money to provide them. This, in turn, can affect the quality of life within the community, leading to potentially higher rates of crime. This cycle can have a directly negative impact on the community:

  • It may encourage people to take expensive security measures (e.g. alarms, taking taxis and cars rather than public transport). Only richer people can afford these measures and this may create a ‘them and us’ culture.
  • Discourages socializing – fear of ‘going out’
  • Fear of using public spaces
  • High levels of crime may damage community spirit and result in less neighborliness. People may simply want to ‘keep themselves to themselves’ for fear of harassment.

Global Perspectives

The law is based in the Human Rights but it depends in each country by it´s religion, politics and corruption. Internationally the law stablishes the society we are living in, if the society is corrupt, the law isn´t working correctly. Over the 70% of the countries are consider corruptly, the less corrupt country in the world is Denmark. Laws are rules of conduct to guide all people; they are rules that can be enforced by a legitimate authority. More laws are made and enforced as our world and society becomes increasingly complex. Laws are basically rules of basic behavior and order written down by man as an attempt to help us all live together more happily and safely. . Whether they are written or not, they are the basis for all societies, because without some form of agreement and co-operation between people, society would not exist.

Most laws are for our own benefits and protection; they preserve public order and policy. Without laws, a society will be an anarchy, dysfunctional, full of chaos, injustice and immorality. Without laws, we would all live like animals in nature, each person pursuing one’s own desires with no regard for the effects of his or her behavior on others and this would lead to suffering.

Criminality, Laws and Implementation

A crime is an act against the law and punishable by the law. There are usually so many laws from a government that if we were to read the whole list, we will probably be surprised at the number of laws we break on a regular basis without even realizing it. Most common examples are speeding, texting or talking while driving, littering, downloading music illegally and others. Desperation is one of the cause, someone who does not have enough food maybe driven to steal food, so people living in poverty may commit crimes as a way to survive. Many break laws out of greed and selfishness, for example committing fraud, theft or murder to gain what belongs to someone else deceitfully and unfairly. Others break laws out of malice, anger, jealousy or just carelessness.

Law Systems

  • Civil Law: The most common legal system is “Civil Law”, which is the legal system of France and many nations that were conquered by France, including many countries of Latin America.
  • Common Law: Common law is determined by judges, it can be applied to many different situations and it is more flexible. The Civil Law system on the other hand, is a collection of laws, they are not decided by judges or open for interpretation. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages.
  • Fiqh: The third most common law system is religious Islamic law, which are enforced in Muslim countries, the “Sharia” and the “Fiqh”. This law is believed by Muslims to be directly from God and so cannot be changed by even a government or King.

Bottom Line

Its universal understanding that for the occurrence of any crime there three are necessary three elements to exist: the victim, the environment and the criminal. Meanwhile, if one of these elements has been removed, the crime will not occur or be existing. But in doing so is the same to kill the society and this is a radical way of crime prevention. The best way of attempting to reduce the victimization and to detain criminals and crime has to be the governmental or private effort on law enforcement, social and situational crime prevention. Mozambique has been having many projects in different areas of development in the name of development, but at the end these projects and programs contribute to the crime prevention.

Awareness of Laws and Prevention of Crime

Crime revention has to play a big role and has to be the focal point of the police force conceiving effective policies and implementing them efficiently. In general crime prevention requires an intervention in three main areas of action which combined bring good results such as law enforcement, social crime prevention and situational crime prevention. These reduce the dispositions of the individual to perpetrate crime.

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